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I Didn’t Have to Use 10% of My Power, Man!

Edens Zero Chapter 188 Review/Recap

You know how a few means ago, Ultra Instinct Shaggy became a meme? Before Warner Bros decided to make it canon in the form of MultiVersus, people would joke about Shaggy’s hidden power. And whenever he fought against a strong opponent and win, he’d say he was only using 1% of his power. Well, Edens Zero pretty much used the meme for Shiki. Except it’s 1/10th of Shiki’s power, man.

Edens Zero Chapter 188 Cover Page
Is that Griffon Kato from Rave Master? Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


Edens Zero Chapter 188-Hermit's Memory
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Shiki’s left completely flabbergasted at the notion that Wizard and Witch knew each other. However, Wizard denies any such knowledge, claiming he never met her in person. That gets Shiki to start thinking about various ideas. Firstly, there’s the idea that maybe Ziggy wiped the Dark Star’s memories of their past along with the Shining Stars. After that, he starts going down this rabbit hole.

Shiki realizes that Ziggy wiped the Shining Stars memories during the time he was actually a good person. There was something that he didn’t want them to know. Wizard has no time for any of this, though, and goes to off Shiki…who promptly runs him through with his power.

Edens Zero Chapter 188-Shiki Invokes the Meme
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Despite thinking that he’d absorbed all of Shiki’s Ether, it turns out Wizard was wrong. Shiki was only using 10% of his power, horrifying Wizard. As the latter warns his comrades to not underestimate their enemies, Shiki theorizes that maybe Ziggy knew that he was going to go nuts.


Edens Zero Chapter 188-A Theory About Ziggy
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Well, that was unexpected. I didn’t think that Shiki was the type to hold back, but I guess I was wrong. It makes sense, though. If he’s gonna fight Ziggy, he needs to save as much energy as possible. However, the fact that he was only using about 10% of his Ether is absolutely crazy. No wonder he’s now considered part of Oracion Seis Galactica.

Edens Zero Chapter 188-Rebecca's Having a Hard Time
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

That aside, I think he might actually be onto something regarding Ziggy. Maybe there was something that he didn’t want the Shining Stars to know about him, or some reason he wiped their memories. Perhaps his whole reason for raising Shiki was…to stop him when he started being evil again? It’s an interesting idea.

Fights aside, it looks like the other heroes are caught up in their own fights against the Dark Stars, and Rebecca’s getting the short stick, as usual. I’m not even sure how the RPG elements are in play, but this is not something that she’s going to like.

I Give “One Tenth” a 3/5

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  1. I didn’t expect that; I didn’t think that we’d be doing something like that. In my mind; I had thought that it was more about the ability rather than “how much ether you have.” I’m FINE with that- it was just kind of “out of left field” for me.
    You know; I should have seen that coming for Rebecca. Clown’s probably as mischievous as Sister, but in a DARKER sense.
    That’s an interesting thought!! Ziggy raising Shiki to be the one to stop him if and when this happened might have bigger story implications. Like Shiki finding out WHY he acted like this and trying to find the source of it.

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