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Wizard is Hiding Something About his Past!

Edens Zero Chapter 187-Shiki vs. Wizard

Edens Zero Chapter 187 Review/Recap

I’m sorry that this came out a few days late, but I’ve been busy. However, I was able to read up on the latest chapter of Edens Zero. As the heroes face off against the four Dark Stars, they got teleported to different locations. Now the Crew of Edens faces one of the Dark Stars, with Shiki facing off against Witch’s counterpart. However, this chapter revealed some things about Wizard that just left us with more questions than answers.


Edens Zero Chapter 187-Shiki vs. Wizard
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

As the fight between Shiki and Wizard commences, Wizard proves to be just as powerful as Witch was. Stating that each of the Dark Stars was meant to be superior to their counterpart, Wizard reveals he can use different kinds of elemental Ether. Nonetheless, Shiki’s Gravity Ether lets him counter most of Wizard’s attacks. Moreover, once he enters Overdrive, he can completely overpower the Machine.

Edens Zero Chapter 187-Wizard's Ice Ether
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

However, the tables get turned once more as Wizard uses drain Ether to drain Shiki’s power from him, rendering him weak and vulnerable. Saying that a Human could never beat a Machine, Wizard prepares to finish off Shiki. Before he can do so, though, Shiki’s Gravity starts absorbing Wizard’s memories. Memories of him and Witch.

Edens Zero Chapter 187-Wizard and...Witch!?!?!
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


Okay, I honestly no idea what’s going on anymore. Is this some kind of illusion on Wizard’s part? Or are they actual memories from his and Witch’s past? Because this opens up a whole can of worms. Is it possible that the Shining Stars and Dark Stars were once Humans, but were then turned into Machines?

Honestly, I don’t really know what to think about this chapter. The ending was so confusing to me that it almost threw me off a little bit. Still, this is an interesting twist on Mashima’s part, and one I did not expect. Well played, Mashima. Also, love Shiki’s new Overdrive form!

Edens Zero Chapter 187-Post Timeskip Overdrive
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

I Give “Shiki vs. Wizard” a 3/5

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  1. The “Death Of Edens?” That’s certainly scary, but……. doesn’t that mean he’ll be “The Death Of The Edens One-” that he’ll be the one that kills the whole crew of the One? I was expecting something like that, but…… still kind of weird.
    Yeah- don’t know what to make of THAT one. I doubt that we’ll get all the answers this arc, but we’ll be learning a little more about the origins of the Edens Zero and her original crew in the near future.

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