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Raizo Reminds us to Never Underestimate a Ninja

One Piece Chapter 1046-Luffy's Vow

One Piece Chapter 1046 Review/Recap

The battle for the future of Wano seems to be reaching its absolute peak, everyone! Big Mom’s been thrown far away, Orochi’s at Hiyori’s mercy, and all the major enemy leader’s are down. All that’s left is for Luffy to put Kaido down for good. However, there’s still another problem the Alliance faces: EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE! Fortuntately, the Alliance has Raizo the ninja. And if you read Shonen Manga, then you know to never underestimate a ninja.

One Piece Chapter 1046 Cover Page
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, MangaSee


One Piece Chapter 1046-The Battle Reaches its Zenith
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

Kaido is beginning to reach the end of his rope from fighting Luffy, yet he refuses to fall. Likewise, Luffy tells him once more that he’s the man who will become King of the Pirates, though Kaido doesn’t buy it. After all, despite losing much in one night, Luffy stands to lose just as much because Onigashima is ablaze with fire, courtesy of Orochi and Kanjuro. Luffy remains unconcerned, though, as he has faith in everyone to survive.

One Piece Chapter 1046-EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE!!!
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

Down below, the fighting’s all but stopped as everyone’s desperate to escape the fires, but they can find no exit. The entire island’s a pyre, and they’re trapped on it. Fortunately, Jinbei and Raizo have a plan.

Ever since Oden’s castle burned down, Raizo vowed to never go unprepared again. Thus, when he saw how Zunesha spouted water onto his back every day, he got an idea. Using his ninja scrolls to store the water, Raizo now unleashes it inside the castle. With Jinbei’s Fishman Karate to guide it, they’re able to spread the water throughout the island, putting out the fires in the process. Never underestimate a ninja!

One Piece Chapter 1046-The Waters of Zunesha Save the Day
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump


I know some people don’t like deus ex machina’s, but when the Straw Hats do it, they always make it look so cool! I’d guessed that Zunesha would be able to put out the fires raging on Onigashima, and while he wasn’t directly responsible for it, I still consider this to be accurate. The fact that Raizo thought ahead and decided to use this trump card only proves how good a ninja he really is. Thus, Kanjuro and Orochi’s final act of malice seems to have failed.

There’s only one problem left, now. As Yamato tells Momonosuke, Kaido’s reaching his limits. When that happens, his flame clouds won’t be able to hold the island up anymore. When they go, Onigashima will crash into Wano and kill everyone inside. Meanwhile, Luffy still has to defeat Kaido, but his victory is all but assured. The final image even shows him wielding lightning bolts like a god!

We have another two-week break before the next chapter. However, if the trend continues, this next chapter will be suitably epic. Momonosuke, it’s time for you to come into your own!

I Give “Raizo” a 3.8/5

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2 thoughts on “Raizo Reminds us to Never Underestimate a Ninja Leave a comment

  1. I KIND OF want to see the island fall. Because of that giant hole Law and Kid made to bury Big Mom. She’s a Yonko- she ain’t dead; she’s probably making her way back up as we speak. But wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if we see her making her way back up- only for an ISLAND to fall on her after her defeat?
    Huh………. didn’t expect Raizo to come in clutch like that. It’s not like I’m upset with this; it just kind of caught me offguard. Though a bit of foreshadowing would have helped us come to this conclusion a bit sooner.
    Kaido has to go down in a way that makes him leave Wano; he’ll just come back all healed up and no one would be able to stop him from taking over again. And the only way to stop him is for him to die- which doesn’t seem possible.
    And then there’s Zunesha and the Marines on their way. Everything’s about to compound going into the Final Act of Wano. I wonder how Oda plans to handle everything?

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