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How Can the Dark Stars Create Pocket Dimensions?

Edens Zero Chapter 186 Review/Recap

One of the biggest tropes found in Shonen manga is the big face-off between the heroes and the big bad’s that they’re fighting at that point. The heroes meet the antagonist’s best fighters, and they all split up to take them on individually. It’s a classic formula for Shonen Comics. This might be the first time in a while that I’ve seen a Shonen Manga use this trope by splitting the heroes up into separate dimensions, though.


Having made it to the arena near the planet core, Shiki and the others are met by the four Dark Stars of the Demon King. As the two sides face off, the heroes declare that they won’t lose to beings who will kill innocent people. To this, the Dark Stars proclaim they will set them free…from life. Then, a bright glow envelopes everyone.

Edens Zero Chapter 186-Everyone Split Up
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

The next thing that Weisz knows, he’s in another location, beset by the Brain of Edens One, Killer of the Dark Stars.

Edens Zero Chapter 186-Killer, the Brain of Edens One
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

In another location, Rebecca finds herself facing off against Clown in a demented circus.

Edens Zero Chapter 186-Rebecca vs. the Clown Man
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

In yet another location, Shiki finds himself facing Wizard, who creates an illusion of his home of Granbell, complete with all its inhabitant’s. All this does, though, is enrage him, as he proceeds to attack Wizard in response.

Back in the arena, Homura finds herself facing off against Valkyrie’s counterpart, Brigandine of the Dark Stars. These two sword-wielders prepare to go head-to-head as their respective allies face off against one another. The battle is about to begin!


Well, I wish I could say that I was surprised by these turn of events, but I’m not. I have seen this kind of formula before in Shonen manga, like I said. Heck, we’ve seen this happen several times in Edens Zero up till now! It happens at least once a big arc, so it’s not that surprising. It’s how Mashima makes sure each of the main heroes can get a chance to show off what they got. And considering how the Dark Stars are supposed to be twice as strong as the Shining Stars, they will have plenty of chances to shine.

I have to admit, despite Mashima following the same formula that he always does, I still find myself interested. You never know just what he might have planned for these fights. However, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.

I Give “The Subdimension Program” a 3/5

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2 thoughts on “How Can the Dark Stars Create Pocket Dimensions? Leave a comment

  1. Wow; I was WAY OFF with my fight predictions. This is fine, but I was definitely interested in seeing the match-ups I proposed.
    This, however, is a little more interesting. They’re matched up to the exact opposite of the Shining Star they’re closest to. Weisz and Hermit, so he got Killer; Homura Brigadine got spelled out for us; Shiki seemed to take it the hardest when Witch died; and Sister’s an admitted Rebecca fan.
    Pretty unique way to split them up, I have to admit. I thought this would be a Tournament type thing, but this works MUCH better!!
    Wizard is going to pay for that- BIG TIME. Clown’s got something up his sleeve for Rebecca(probably gonna cause he to lose her clothes again, a la last chapter). Brigadine is gonna break Homura’s swords. And I’m willing to bet Killer is faster than Arsenal.
    So we have the “Winds” of Edens and the “Waves” of Edens- and now the “Flames.” Who will be the “Stone Of Edens” I wonder….?

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