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Luffy is Now a Rubber Hose God!

One Piece Chapter 1045 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1045 Review (No Recap this one time)

Okay, I know that this is the part where I give some big introduction speech, but I just can’t with this chapter of One Piece. Why? Because words would fail to properly describe the joy we all got from seeing what Luffy does in this chapter. Forget being a Shonen protagonist. Luffy has ascended to become a rubber hose god!

One Piece Chapter 1045 Cover Page
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump


One Piece Chapter 1045-Everyone's Reactions
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

I’m breaking my formula this week of doing a recap and review, because there simply no words that can describe what Luffy manages to do in this chapter. It’s the kind of thing that you simply have to see first-hand, and it is jaw-dropping and gut-busting at the same time!

Last week confirmed the theory that Luffy is the next Joy Boy, and his Gum Gum Fruit, or rather, Human Human Fruit solidifies this. Having unlocked what he calls Gear Fifth, Luffy now has the power of a rubber hose cartoon character, with all that it entails. He can do things that the laws that run the natural world just by thinking it. He turns into a GIANT AND THEN USES KAIDO AS A JUMPROPE! In a series that thrives on insanity and chaos, this is one of the most insane things we’ve ever seen!

Oda likely meant for Gear Fifth to the pinnacle of what Luffy can do, and thus planned on having Luffy at his absolute silliest. And that has paid off in every way imaginable. At it’s heart, Luffy’s powers were always meant to make us smile no matter how bad things get. However, this one chapter has left the majority of the readers in stitches from laughter. If you’re not reading this chapter, then you’re doing yourself a disservice on April Fool’s Day.

One Piece Chapter 1045-Yep, Kaido's Screwed
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

The writing’s on the wall: Kaido is so screwed now!

I Give “Next Level” a 5/5

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  1. I kind of feel like Kaido’s gonna get up and LAUGH at this. Heck; I feel like their battle will end with Kaido and Luffy sharing a laugh! Then XY and Z happens that leads into the bigger story with either the World Government, Blackbeard, or some other 3rd faction I’m forgetting about.
    Man; when the healing is done- the Straw Hat’s are going to come out stronger than ever before. The advancements in Haki; the awakened abilities; Possible new crew members- The Strongest Crew in the World is coming to life before our eyes!!!

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