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Edens Zero Just Pulled Out an Old Trope

Edens Zero Chapter 185-The Dark Stars of the Demon King

Edens Zero Chapter 185 Review/Recap

Now, there are times when I think that certain tropes are meant to be used in a work of fiction. When the story justifies the use of a trope beyond shock value, or if the storyteller does a good job of justifying it, then that could work out. This is not one of those times, though. This week, Hiro Mashima deus ex machina’s Elsie out of her no-win scenario, and I don’t like it.


Picking up from where we last left off, Elsie’s left reeling from the stab wound she got from Ziggy. As Ziggy derides her for being so naïve to let her guard down, the Demon King proceeds to pummel her to a bloody pulp. Right before he can deal the killing blow, though, she gets saved by, of all people, Justice. Justice isn’t doing it because he cares about Elsie, though. He just doesn’t want anyone else to kill her. Meanwhile, Ziggy decides to let Aconella finish the two former royals off.

Elsewhere, the Edens Zero begins to fight its own battle against Deadend Crow, who’s so massive, he dwarfs even the mighty battleship itself. On the ground below, Shiki and the others continue on foot to the core, but take a moment to change back into their normal attire. Weisz, though, can’t resist messing with Rebecca to get her back to her old self.

At last, the group arrives in the middle of a massive coliseum, whereupon they find themselves facing down the four Dark Stars of Demon King Ziggy. Taking this as a sign that they’re approaching the core, the entire group gets ready for their toughest battle yet.


Wow, Mashima. I didn’t expect you to resort to two classic tropes to get Elsie out of her bind: the deus ex machina trope and the “I’m the only one allowed to defeat you!” trope were in full play. However, I don’t think that having Elsie be saved by Justice, of all people, was that good of an idea.

While it’s true that Justice wants to be the one to kill Elsie, and I had a feeling that he would show up at Lendard, it doesn’t seem in line with his character. He was so hellbent on killing Elsie that he was willing to attack anyone remotely associated with her. In addition, he made it clear that he blames Homura for the murder of Creed, which she didn’t do. Maybe he was able to realize that Ziggy’s that big of a threat to the universe and decided to put his issues aside for the time being. Nothing like an enemy mine trope to bring two opposing sides together.

In any case, it looks like the next chapter will see the main heroes go up against the four Dark Stars. We know nothing about what they can do, but we do know that it will be the toughest battle the heroes have gone through yet. I just hope its better than Elsie vs. Ziggy.

I Give “Corroded Coliseum” a 2/5

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2 thoughts on “Edens Zero Just Pulled Out an Old Trope Leave a comment

  1. Yeah……… maybe not the best move Mashima could have made- at least without seeing Justice’s perspective. I think that he’s still on his little rampage to get “revenge” on Homura, revenge on Elsie, and plausibly getting rid of Shiki. Ziggy, however- he probably feels that they’ll be able to stop him in his own time.
    I feel like part of the reason he acted the way he did was because of he and Elsie’s past together- he USED to have feelings for her. And he may have THOUGHT that they were gone, but seeing Elsie in danger let them out. He was trying to justify it to himself more than Elsie.
    I, too, expected him to be on Lendard. Though more like an “Agent Of Chaos;” their to fight against the Edens Zero, Elsie’s crew, and Ziggy(to a lesser extent). Though I don’t think he could ignore the other 2 Galactica’s……. not for long, at least.
    So we’re going to be doing the 1v1 Tournament style rather than the “Gate Keeper vs Crew Member” idea? Interesting. I wonder who will fight who?

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