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I Can’t Believe Elsie Actually Fell for That!

Edens Zero Chapter 184-Elsie's Ultimate Attack, Total Eclipse

Edens Zero Chapter 184 Review/Recap

You may recall that last week I said there was no way that Elsie Crimson could ever beat Ziggy? She’s powerful, and can probably fight him to a standstill, maybe even beat him under certain circumstances. However, there’s no way Elsie can beat him, for two reasons. One, she’s not the main hero, and going by the rules of most Shonen manga, the biggest bad of any series can only be beaten by the main hero. Secondly, she doesn’t have in it her to possibly kill him. And it’s because of that she falls for one of the most cliche villainous tricks: the fakeout.

I am so disappointed in Elsie, but even more so in Mashima.

Edens Zero Chapter 184 Cover Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 184-Elsie vs. Ziggy
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

After staring each other down for a brief moment, the fight between the Pirate Queen and the Demon King erupts with neither holding anything back. Even Ziggy has to compliment how strong she’s gotten, while Elsie admits that Shiki’s close to her level now. When she asks why he wants to kill him so badly, Ziggy says that he’s going to be the one to destroy the universe itself. Speaking of whom, Shiki’s team manages to reunite with Weisz and Homura as they make their way to the core.

Edens Zero Chapter 184-Elsie's Ultimate Attack, Total Eclipse
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

As the fight between Ziggy and Elsie continues, Ziggy appears to gain the upper hand for a moment. Except Elsie lured him into a trap. Using her Star Drain power to tap into Lendard itself, she unleashes her strongest attack, Solar Eclipse, and manages to actually leave Ziggy on the ropes

Just when she’s about to kill him, though, Ziggy fakes her out by using her good memories of him. Then, he proceeds to stab her with her own weapon.

Edens Zero Chapter 184-Elsie fell for it!
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


What the heck, Elsie? I knew that you were going to end up losing due to plot, but I didn’t realize that it would end up being so bad! She actually fell for the “villain fake-out” cliché. Erza fell for the exact same thing in Fairy Tail with Jellal, so Mashima’s not even being original with this scenario. I honestly thing that it was a very poor decision for him to make.

To be fair, though, I can’t entirely blame Hiro Mashima. In hindsight, it feels like he wrote himself into a corner by having Elsie confront Ziggy like this. The only way that he could take Elsie out of the fight was through a flat-out curb-stomp or an underhanded trick like this.

This probably wasn’t one of my favorite chapters of the series, if you ask me. The fight was decent, but it did little to develop the plot or the characters involved. Hopefully, Elsie doesn’t die from this, but she will be out of commission for a while.

I Give “Elsie vs. Ziggy” a 2/5

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  1. I agree with you there; not the best way for this fight to go. He may do something with it that tells us a little more about why Ziggy is like this and hint more towards THAT theory, but…….. it definitely killed a lot of the hype of this chapter.
    He could have had the new Killer do assassin stuff and sneak up on Elsie(I am SO hyped for that character- I just really like his design).
    I’m a little surprised this Planet has Ether left for her to absorb; I would have thought her people would have made weapons by absorbing the Ether of the Planet. “Star Drain” is a power from the Dark Ages- Mashima could have used it as a way to explain how Elsie and Justice learned about the Ether Gear. But I suppose this works.
    Not the first time she’s been stabbed like this- I’m certain it won’t be the last time. So I wonder whose gonna get her out of this, though. ‘Cause it’s not looking good for her………….

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