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The Ghost of the Past! Elsie de Lendard Returns Home!

Edens Zero Chapter 183 Review/Recap

The battle for the fate of the four Cosmoses has begun in earnest. On one side, we have Shiki’s alliance with Holy and Elsie. On the other, Ziggy, Deadend Crow, and Aconella. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, though, they managed to break through to Lendard so they can begin the real fight. However, it turns out that Elsie has a secret connection to Lendard that she hasn’t told anyone, and it might lead her to make a terrible mistake. The truth behind Elsie’s past comes to light!

Edens Zero Chapter 183 Cover Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 183-Rebecca Gets Shot Down
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Having broken through the blockade to Lendard, the Crew of Edens prepares to head out for each of their objectives. Shiki, Rebecca, Weisz, Homura, and Elsie will head towards the core. Meanwhile, Hermit and the others will take down Deadend Crow, with Hermit even giving Holy access to their ship’s weapons to do so. However, the mission goes awry before it even has a chance to start. Rebecca’s still guilt-ridden over the Chronophage’s following her that she doesn’t even notice that her fighter’s hit until it’s almost too late. As a result, Shiki has to bail out to save her and Happy, leaving them separated from the rest of the group. As for Elsie, she doesn’t even show up.

Edens Zero Chapter 183-The Former Kingdom of Lendard
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Despite understanding Shiki’s plan, Elsie has no intentions on following through on it. She’s determined to stop Ziggy, and not just because of their former friendship. As it turns out, Lendard was once the home for her now destroyed Kingdom. When her parent’s obsession with building weapons grew out of control, she leaked its secrets to the Kaede Cosmos, leading to its destruction. Now, Ziggy’s chosen it as his base, and while she has no love for it, she won’t let Ziggy have it, either. Thus, Ziggy the Demon King and Elsie de Lendard prepare to face off in a battle for the ages.


Okay, so I knew that Elsie’s former home was in the Kaede Cosmos, but I never thought that it would play any significant role in the present-day story. It’s a surprise, for sure, but like Elsie, I don’t really care that much about it. Unless we get a cool flashback about why Elsie turned on her own home to stop it from destroying the Kaede Cosmos.

As for Elsie de Lendard herself, I don’t think she’s got a chance to stop Ziggy on her own. Firstly, because it’s usually the main hero in a Shonen Manga who takes down the big bad. Secondly, while we haven’t seen either go all out, I can tell from a glance that Ziggy far outclasses Elsie. She’s either going to die or get beaten up so badly that she’ll be incapacitated for the rest of the fight.

Edens Zero Chapter 183-Ziggy the Demon King and Elsie De Lendard
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

This wasn’t that memorable of a chapter, to be honest, though not every chapter has to be mind-blowing, if you ask me. Hopefully, things will pick up more from here as the ultimate battle of Edens Zero continues.

I Give “de Lendard” a 3/5

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2 thoughts on “The Ghost of the Past! Elsie de Lendard Returns Home! Leave a comment

  1. I had a feeling we would go to Elsie’s home planet at some point, but not now and CERTAINLY not for this reason. No; I thought that it would be to get a relic AFTER defeating Ziggy, and the story is that they used the relic for something……. well, like this.
    She let it slip to the neighboring Kingdom(Jame’s kingdom) that they had a relic and were developing weapons, and……..well- you can gather what came next. And THAT is what happened- in my mind, at least.
    THIS- this is fine. Unexpected without being impossible, I don’t know if you wanna say “plot twist,” but this is a good twist none the less.
    YEAH- She’s about to get her @$$ kicked. Not DIE(I don’t think), but she’s certainly about to take some heavy damage. Which would make it even WORSE if a certain Knight Templar were to show up…….. meaning he’s probably on his way right now.
    Though I think her impact on the battle going forward is going to be something of note; the idea that she’ll get a pretty bad blow on Ziggy that’ll leave him in a bad state going into his fight against Shiki. One thing this series is able to do well that I will ALWAYS praise it for is that it uses the “Teamwork” aspect of “Friendship” to win it’s fights- foreshadowing a few key details that play into every victory- instead of making up a transformation of power out of nowhere.
    I wonder if we’re going to get a flashback to her past leading to an epic OVERDRIVE moment? Here’s hoping so!!!

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