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A Gundam Reference Was Just Made in Edens Zero!

Edens Zero Chapter 182-Homura's Gundam Warrior Attack!

Edens Zero Chapter 182 Recap/Review

Edens Zero has taken a lot of inspiration from other famous manga and anime throughout its run. Besides being a spiritual successor to Mashima’s previous work, Fairy Tail, the premise of the story’s similar to that of One Piece. As of this week’s chapter, though, we can now add mecha anime like Gundam to the shout-outs made. The children of the Mother of Dragon’s faces the Sword of Edens!

Edens Zero Chapter 182 Cover
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 182-Those Dragons are Tough
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

The entire fleet trying to break through to Lendard is taken aback by the presence of Dragons. Even worse, they’re tougher than the ones found at Dragonfall. Fortunately, Holy’s fleet has specialized anti-Dragon Ether cannons that start blasting away at the Dragons. Then, much to Holy’s surprise, Hermit replicates it in, like, five seconds flat. However, it still takes too much time and resources to take them down.

Edens Zero Chapter 182-Homura Goes Full Gundam
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Hermit, though, has a backup plan. Homura’s personal fighter is also a Knight Gear, a type of Gundam-esque mecha that she uses to do what she does best. The Sword of Edens, armed with an Anti-Dragon Ether sword, proceeds to make mincemeat out of the Dragons. Thanks to her, the fleet’s able to push down to Lendard to commence Operation: Planet Eater!


Well, I was certainly not expecting the heroes (and Holy) to find a way to get through the Dragons so quickly. The fact that they’re considered to be this pseudo-force of nature only to get taken out so easily really cheapens their overall value as a threat. Considering how big Dragons are in Fairy Tail, it’s more than a little sad.

Then, again, we got Homura in a Gundam, so I guess things even out.

In addition to the fights that will look way better in anime form, we also got a brief look into Ziggy’s mindset. He’s already said that raising Shiki was a mistake, but we still don’t know why. What we now know is that Ziggy’s convinced that Shiki’s a threat to the cosmos itself, yet we have no clue as to why. Hopefully, more will be revealed soon.

Next week, though, it looks like Operation: Planet Eater will commence, for better or worse. I’m looking forward to this.

Edens Zero Chapter 182-The Invasion of Lendard Begins
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

I Give “Warrior Maid 95” A 3/5

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One thought on “A Gundam Reference Was Just Made in Edens Zero! Leave a comment

  1. The Knight Gear was cool. The fact that she and her biological Mother both use Knight Gear is a bit of a coincidence- I don’t think Hermit was able to get the specs for the Kureani Dragoon(something I just thought of for a minute, then scrapped the idea). Though I DO believe that there might be more to it than we’ve seen. Maybe it can make itself even faster by losing some parts?
    ……….. I just caught the “95.” Does that mean that this is their 95th attempt at this Knight Gear? Were they manufacturing THIS over the course of the 3 year time skip?! What happened to the other parts? Matter of fact; where’d they get the equipment and parts to MAKE 95 of these things?! WHERE IS THEIR FUNDING?!?!?!!!?!
    The Anti Dragon Ether……….. My initial thought was “That Was Convenient!” Didn”t hate it- still don’t. But I do think that was a pretty big coincidence. I’d be willing to buy that Hermit was able to match its composition or whatever to the Ships Ether Cannons and the Starfighters; that’s just anime logic: Something that took one guy DECADES to master being used by the main cast in a matter of MINUTES. And it makes since with the “Shonen Escalation” bit- something that was once a threat in chapter/episode 2 or 3 should be NOTHING by this point.
    It sounds like I’m defending it, but I’m not. I’m…… “indifferent,” I guess; it was probably gonna happen if they had met Acnoella later on in the story.
    ACNOELLA. Was not expecting that design; I was GENUINELY expecting a female version of Acnolgia(and maybe more of a Cyborg than Legit Robot). Her own INNATE ability is kind of dubios to me- I don’t know what she’s packing. But something that I heard from a Youtuber: Doesn’t she kind of look like the Fake Sister from Guilst? Connection? Maybe!
    Next Week: GO TIME……… Mweh heh heh he heh heh heh!!!!!!

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