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CP0 Ruins Everything Just When It Was Getting Good!

One Piece Chapter 1042-CP0 RUINS THINGS

One Piece Chapter 1042 Review/Recap

Don’t you just hate it when someone comes in and interrupts something important you’re doing. It could be an important boss fight in a video game that you’re about to win, or you’re about to score the winning point in a sports game. Or, if you’re Kaido, you’re in the fight you’ve always wanted only for some jerk to come in and ruin everything. It happened to once before: that old hag interrupted his fight with Oden and caused the latter to lose. And now, thanks to CP0, he’s facing a repeat of that event. CP0 ruins everything!!!


In the basement of Onigashima, Drake’s fight with the members of CP0 comes to an end, with Drake ending up on the losing side of things. On the roof of the skull, Luffy’s battle with Kaido reaches an absolute fever pitch, with neither side holding anything back. Kaido even adopts new forms of his drunken fighting style. At one point, Kaido even swallows Luffy before blasting him clean off the island. Yet Luffy refuses to admit defeat as he bounds back to the fight.

One Piece Chapter 1042-Luffy Gets Blasted From Onigashima
Source-MangaSee, Viz Media, Shonen Jump

As the battle reaches its climax, Kaido berates the people of Wano as stubborn losers, even while Luffy declares them to be strong.

One Piece Chapter 1042-Gear Fourth, Supreme Kong Gun
Source-MangaSee, Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Now at his limit, Luffy prepares one last attack to take Kaido out for good, with the Yonko responding in kind. However, right before either of them can clash, the head CP0 agent appears out of nowhere and distracts Luffy. Thanks to that, Kaido manages to hit him dead center, much to his absolute horror!

One Piece Chapter 1042-CP0 RUINS THINGS
Source-MangaSee, Viz Media, Shonen Jump


You know, I really hate Cipher Pol, but CP0 just jumped to near the top of my hit list. Luffy was so close to bringing down Kaido, and then CP0 shows up out of nowhere and ruins everything for everyone. Not just for the heroes, but for Kaido as well.

Kaido is a man who’s only alive when he’s close to death, and since he’s so strong, no one can really hurt him. The last person who could do so was Oden Kozuki. Had it not been for the treachery of the Kurozumi, Oden might’ve ended Kaido then and there. But now here’s Kaido two decades later, getting blue-balled once more! That’s frustrating for him.

If we’re lucky, then Kaido will curb-stomp that CP0 Agent and then hit himself to make things even between him and Luffy. No one’s going to interfere with his fight with Straw Hat Luffy again, and I want to see Luffy win!

I Give “The Winner Needs No Rationalization” a 3/5

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One thought on “CP0 Ruins Everything Just When It Was Getting Good! Leave a comment

  1. Yeah- That guy is DEAD. Kaido’s going to go depressed for a minute, and then he’s going to rip this man in 2. Here’s to hoping we get a name to put on his tombstone!
    Kaido pulling a Katakuri to even things out? What will that do for Luffy’s character? In his 2 most recent “Big League” battles; someone’s interfered, and the enemy’s WILLINGLY crippled themselves to make it even. Is Luffy gonna be okay with that 2 times in a row? The fact that he wouldn’t have been able to defeat a Yonko Commander- let alone a YONKO THEMSELVES- without them injuring themselves to make this even? I’m not saying another Time Skip or anything, but he may need a full on training arc this time around.
    And that’s not even to mention what this is about to do to KAIDO. He was so happy to find someone that might actually be able to grant him his Death wish. And just like before: Someone’s gone and mucked it up. Like I said: CP0 DEAD. But what’s it gonna do to his psyche? Kaido flashback incoming to let us know how he ended up like this?
    What can I say about this chapter that hasn’t already been said? It’s great! Luffy’s Haki is on full display; Kaido’s managing to keep y interest; someone’s gonna get brutally, MALISCIOUSLY beaten to death next chapter- it’s gonna be fun!!

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