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Now Edens Zero has a ‘Mother of Dragons’!

Edens Zero Chapter 181-Dragon Horde

Edens Zero Chapter 181 Review/Recap

Remember how in Game of Thrones, everyone started Daenaerys Targaryen the “Mother of Dragons?” That sounded so cool at first, but by the last episode, Dany’s grip on sanity led us to fear that title. Ever since then, I’ve been weary of anyone with a title like “Mother of Dragons.” Why am I bringing all of this up now? Because Dragons are a part of universe of Edens Zero, and one of the Oracion Seis Galactica has that exact moniker. And she just joined forces with Ziggy the Demon King!

Edens Zero Chapter 181 Cover Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Following a quick recap of the events from the end of the Aoi War to the present day by Xiao Mei, the chapter picks up with Shiki and the allied fleet amassing near Lendard. Despite being on opposite sides of the law, both Elsie and Holy agree to play nice…for now. However, Elsie is planning on taking down Ziggy herself. In the hangar bay, Rebecca feels bad once more for thinking she brought the Chronophage to Norma, but Happy tells her not to. With Shiki’s words of encouragement, the group then flies into battle against Ziggy’s armada!

Edens Zero Chapter 181-It's a Trap!
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

The battle for Lendard commences, with the three allied groups plowing through Ziggy’s fighters. However, just when it looks like things are going their way, something unexpected happens. A swarm of dragons, numbering in the hundreds, appears out of nowhere and starts swarming around Lendard, keeping it safe. Much to everyone’s horror, they realize only one being can do this: God Aconella, another member of the OSG and the Mother of Dragons. She has aligned herself with Ziggy!


Edens Zero Chapter 181-God Acnoella
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Okay, I knew that Operation: Planet Eater was going to go sideways from the start, but I did not see this coming. The Mother of Dragons showing up with an army of giant dragons was something that I never even considered happening. Which only makes it even more impressive that Mashima pulled one over on me, and possibly, many other readers. That, and this means that this whole thing was pretty much a trap set by Ziggy.

On the plus side, the fact that not even Holy seemed to be aware of this means that she might think twice about her inevitable double-crossing of Shiki. There’s no sense in backstabbing when it’s just going to get you killed in the end.

As for the moment right for the battle, I enjoyed the talk between Shiki, Happy, and Rebecca. Those three have been together since the beginning, and it’s nice to see them still so close. More importantly, it’s sweet to see Shiki hang those pictures of Valkyrie and Witch up in his fighter. They may be gone, but their will lives on through Edens Zero.

This should make for a very interesting arc. Let the Kaede War Arc begin.

I Give “Prelude to the Kaede War” a 3.8/5

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