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What’s This About A Chronophage, Now?

Edens Zero Chapter 180-Summon a Chronophage

Edens Zero Chapter 180 Review/Recap

If we thought that the Aoi War was big, then that’s going to be nothing compared to the war that’s about to go down on Lendard. Shiki and the Edens Zero, Holy of the IUA, and Elsie and her pirate crew are going up against Demon King Ziggy, Deadend Crow, and their army of machines. So how do they plan on beating Ziggy and the monstrously sized Crow? With a Chronophage.

I’m sorry, what?

Edens Zero Chapter 180 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha, MangaSee


Edens Zero Chapter 180-Deadend Crow
Source-Kodansha, MangaSee

On the planet Lendard, Deadend Crow goes for a walk and ends up squishing all the humans he had been scanning, making Ziggy very unhappy with him. He promises that when he’s done, he’ll let him kill every human in the Kaede Cosmos. Until then, though, he needs Crow to guard the planet against the Edens Zero while the Edens One calculates the location of Mother. Meanwhile, Labilia’s surprised to learn that Rebecca and the others plan on finding Mother after they defeat Ziggy, but vows to stay with them.

Edens Zero Chapter 180-Battle Plan
Source-Kodansha, MangaSee

In the conference room, the people from all three parties meet to discuss their plans. With Elsie and Holy’s fleets, they will break through Lendard’s defenses and make their way to the planet surface. From there, they will split up into two teams. The first team will fight Deadend Crow like they promised Holy. The second team will make their way to the core of the planet, where Rebecca will activate her Cat Leaper powers for a special purpose. Hermit figured out that a Chronophage travels to planets where someone’s acted against the flow of time. Thus, they’re going to use Rebecca summon a Chronophage to Lendard and have it devour its time.

Edens Zero Chapter 180-Operation Planet Eater


Okay, there is just so much wrong with Hermit’s plan. Firstly, though, let’s talk about the implications surrounding the Chronophages. If Hermit’s theory is right, then that means that they travel to planets where someone acts against the timestream. If that’s true, then that explains why they targeted Norma and Guilst. Rebecca used her Cat Leaper powers there without meaning to, and thus they erased that planet’s time. I mean, it made Guilst nicer, but still.

Edens Zero Chapter 180-The Rebecca Connection
Source-Kodansha, MangaSee

There are some holes in this theory, though. If a Chronophage acts as this correction to the timeline, then why do they not go after Bluegarden or any other planet where Rebecca uses her powers? There’s likely an explanation behind it, but I don’t know. Furthermore, I just think this is a horrible idea, and it won’t work.

Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing how this war ends. I don’t think a Chronophage will be enough to get rid of Ziggy, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

I Give “Operation Planet Eater” a 3/5

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  1. Well THIS plan is gonna fail! For the reasons you think, yes. But also because of the way that the plan was revealed. If we got it in the form of a flashback; details would be revealed as they attack. But because we got it BEFORE hand- it’s going to fall apart about………. 3 chapters in? ‘Cause I feel like Ziggy has more than just 1 countermeasure.
    Huh………. I never noticed the path of a Chronophage. Pretty neat the way Mashima built that up without anyone picking up on that! There’s certainly more to it, but I think at least THAT part will work out for them. Though they have NO control over that thing; it could eat a few minutes or a few CENTURIES. I hope they have a really good escape plan………
    Wonder what the story implications of “eating” a few years of Lendard’s time will have on the story? Will it lead to a revelation, or bring back a character that’s been LONG dead? Oh man…….
    I wonder what Crow’s Ether Gear is. Heck, at that size; does he even NEED one?! Probably- I’m just sayin’.
    This is certain to be a VERY interesting War arc. Who will survive this time, I wonder? I can’t wait to find out!!!

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