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What A Wonderful Kind of Show, Arthur


After 25 Years, ‘Arthur’ Finally Says Goodbye to Television

Arthur Says Goodbye After 25 Years
Source-PBS Kids, WETA,

Do you know how rare it is to be able to tell your kids that a show that they’re enjoying right now was on when you were their age? So rare that I can count the number of shows off on my fingers. One of them happens to be Spongebob Squarepants, but another one, one that helped to shape the childhoods of millions of Millenials, was Arthur.

Based on the books written by Marc Brown, Arthur is an animated kids show that started airing on PBS Kids in 1997. It stars Arthur Read, an anthroporphic aardvark living in the fictional city of Elwood with his parents, little sisters, and pet dog, Pal. He goes to school, hangs out with his friends, and gets into situations that teach him, and the audience, important life lessons. At twenty-five years on the air, it’s the second longest running animated show on American Television, surpassed only by that of The Simpsons.

Before I discovered Nickeloeon and got hooked on it, Arthur was probably my favorite cartoon to watch on TV. I would regularly look forward coming home from school every day just so that I could watch it on TV. And now, after all this time, Arthur is coming to an end.

It was going to happen one day, and times are changing. TV no longer includes just TV, but streaming, YouTube, and all manner of platforms. So, while the show might be ending, the franchise itself is going to continue. The people behind the show plan to continue it for years to come in the form of other projects, shorts, and media. In other words, Arthur isn’t ending. It’s just finding it’s next stage in life.

In the meantime, we got all the good memories to share as a generation together. That, and the memes. So thank you, Arthur, for twenty five years of wonderful kinds of days. And until we meet again, I would just like to say: I’ve always hated you, DW, and I think you deserved to get punched by Arthur that one time.

Source-PBS Kids, Reddit,


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