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Wait, How Big is Deadend Crow, Again?

Edens Zero Chapter 179-Sister Bonding With Labilia

Edens Zero Chapter 179 Review/Recap

Following their escape from Bluegarden, Edens Zero has been light on the action but heavy on the reveals and character interaction. First, the heroes run into Holy of the Oracion Seis Interstelar who wants to team up with them. Then, Rebecca meets with Labilia and learns she’s dying. And to top it all off, we learn that another member of Oracion Seis Galactica is working with Ziggy. This one’s name is Deadend Crow, and he’s a vicious machine who’s killed millions of people. However, it’s not until this chapter that we learn just how scary Deadend Crow really is.

And he is really scary.


Edens Zero Chapter 179-The Symbolism of Shiki
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

As per their agreement, Holy must stay aboard the Edens Zero where she will kept under close watch by Hermit. In the meantime, she aquaints herself with everyone else and enjoys the amenities to be found aboard the ship. While doing so, she mentions something interesting to Rebecca. The names for the For Cosmoses correspond with a different season. Together, they form the “Grand Shiki Cosmos,” because Shiki means “Four Seasons.” Meanwhile, Sister examines Labilia, as Rebecca promised. Despite the girl’s pessimism, Sister says that she’s going to cure her.

Edens Zero Chapter 179-Sister Will Cure Labili
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

Later, the group has a strategy meeting to go over how they’re going to fight Ziggy and Deadend Crow. It’s then that Connor explains what he was doing on Lendard. He got hired to let his mind be scanned so Ziggy could transfer his skills to his army. He never saw a robot until he escaped. That’s when he saw something scary: a giant mechanical warrior standing on the planet. Holy interjects, though, and tells everyone the truth: that wasn’t a mech, that was Deadend Crow himself. At 420 meters tall, he’s known as the Titan of Eternal Darkness.

Edens Zero Chapter 179-Sister Bonding With Labilia
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics


So, I did the conversions, and at 420 meters tall, Deadend Crow stands at more than 1,300 feet tall. That makes Godzilla look like a pipsqueak in comparison. Suddenly, his reputation of being a mass murderer makes a lot more sense. If he and Ziggy are now working together, then Shiki and the heroes are in for the fight of their lives. As to how a machine could reach the height of a skyscraper, I can imagine we will learn more next chapter.

Edens Zero Chapter 179-Sister Bonding With Labilia
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

Deadend Crow aside, this was another nice breather chapter for Edens Zero. Even though I am completely justified in my refusal to trust Holy, it was fun to see her cosplay. In addition, the fact that she mentioned the meaning behind Shiki’s name is likely foreshadowing a big reveal down the line regarding Shiki. Besides that, seeing Labilia tear up from the prospect of getting cured was a touching moment. I think she’s really changed now that she let go of her ego. It was also funny to see Sister take a liking to her over how they both torment Rebecca, though with wildly different intentions.

Edens Zero Chapter 179-Sister Bonding With Labilia
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

This was another good, if slow, chapter of Edens Zero. And while I’m not happy about Holy being aboard, I am happy to see Labilia join the crew for the long haul.

I Give “Deadend Crow” a 4/5

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  1. “A Living Fortress?” If that’s the case, then I don’t think that Shiki and the crew will have any choice BUT to deal with Crow- that’s more than likely where Ziggy and the Dark Stars are.
    The way Holy is looking at Pino; I think she’s planning to have Pino shut down Crow for a minute while they go in and tear sh!t up. Because he more than likely has traps and camera’s in his body in case of invaders.
    Sister’s going to have fun teasing Labilia, isn’t she? I mean, for all the sh!t she did to Rebecca; I guess that’s “Karmic Retribution.” But still, man……. OUCH. Mosco might end up getting a “break” from the torture!

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