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Holy is Not to be Trusted

Edens Zero Chapter 177-Holy's Goal is Deadend Crow

Edens Zero Chapter 177 Review/Recap

Last week, the Crew of Edens made a pitstop at a famous water park while their ship got repairs done. It was a fun, fanservice-y chapter…until Labilia showed up and got harassed by perverts. Then Shiki stepped in, and before things could get ugly, Holy of the Oracion Seis Interstelar showed up and sent the pervs packing. However, instead of arresting Shiki, Holy intends to join forces with him. That sent off a lot of red flags in my head, but I was willing to hear her out.

Well, we hear her out in this chapter, and after reviewing her case, I can say…that Holy is not to be trusted.

Edens Zero Chapter 177 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


After Holy explains that she wants to join forces with Shiki and the others, she tells them to meet at her rooftop lounge in an hour. While Rebecca tries to chat with Labilia, the latter takes her leave, to which the former notes that something’s different about her. Once an hour passes, the group meets with Holy at her lounge, where she gets down to business. Firstly, she didn’t vote for or against Shiki being made a member of Oracion Seis Galactica. Secondly, she wants to join forces with him to take down another group member: Deadend Crow, a mass-murdering android responsible for the deaths of countless people. She claims that he has joined forces with Ziggy and is on Lendard right now.

Edens Zero Chapter 177-THEY'RE MELTING
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Holy gives Shiki time to consider her alliance, and the group takes their leave. Unknown to them, the perverts who were harassing Labilia drunkenly suggest they try and kidnap Rebecca for their own “entertainment.” However, the men suddenly start to melt until they’re nothing but piles of goo. Meanwhile, Holy sadistically smiles, saying all the filth should “melt away.”

Edens Zero Chapter 177-Holy is Sadistic
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee



I won’t deny that I hated those perverts and thought they should go to jail for harassing Labilia and trying to do the same to Rebecca. I would’ve just been happy to see Shiki beat the shit out of them like he clearly meant to before Holy showed up. But Holy using whatever powers she has to melt them into goo? That’s messed up! 

That said, I don’t think that she was lying about Deadend Crow. My best guess is that she’s trying to use Shiki to weaken Crow and Ziggy so she can destroy them herself, then take down Shiki afterward. Whatever she’s planning, she’s not someone Shiki should let his guard down around.

On a lighter note, the chapter did end with Labilia coming back to speak with Rebecca. Given how humble she’s gotten post-timeskip, I think she’s telling the truth when she says she needs to speak to Rebecca. However, the last thing she says is a little concerning. Is something wrong with Labilia? Hopefully, the next chapter will shed some light on this.

Edens Zero Chapter 177-Labilia Has Something to Say
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

I Give “Holy Judgement” a 4/5

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  1. I think that Holy is telling a HALF Truth- I think that DOES plan to use them, but Capturing the crew is a DIFFERENT matter. Like; I don’t think that she’s gong to turn on them IMMEDIATELY after defeating Crow.
    She kind of feels like an “Agent Of Chaos” to me- she’s in it for her own reasons, and will do anything and everything to reach that goal, whether that means teaming up with a Galatica or not.
    But in that way; I also think she’d be grateful enough to where she won’t arrest them……. then and there. LATER ON, however; all bets are off- She’s an enemy.

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