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O Captain, My Captain Connor!

Edens Zero Chapter 175-Connor's Piloting Skill 3

Edens Zero Chapter 175 Review/Recap

Ever since we got introduced to the original version of Captain Connor back in the Sun Jewel Arc, there’s been a lot of mystery surrounding him. To be more precise, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding his piloting skills. He was able to get the Edens Zero to Sun Jewel in less than a day when it should’ve taken three, so we know he’s a very good pilot. However, due to the reset, we never got to see his piloting skills in action for the good guys, until now. With the IUA blockading Blue Garden to capture Shiki, Connor shows just how great a captain he is. He is at Anakin Skywalker levels of good!!


Edens Zero Chapter 175-Feather's Fleet/Fairy Tail Cameo
Racer from Fairy Tail returns; Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

With their ship surrounded and seemingly no way out, everyone proceeds to grill Connor for putting them in this mess, only to backtrack and return. Needless to say, they are not keen on letting him pilot the Edens Zero. However, remembering his skills, Rebecca vouches for them, and the others let him drive the ship.

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  • Edens Zero Chapter 175-Connor's Piloting Skill 3
  • Edens Zero Chapter 175-Connor's Piloting Skill 4

What follows is a display of piloting that takes everyone aback. Captain Connor pushes the ship beyond what it should be capable of. It proceeds to soar past the blockade, flying through a debris field in ways that shouldn’t be possible for a ship of that size. The enemy fleet can’t hope to follow, and despite Feather’s best efforts, even she is forced to give up the hunt. The Fast Travel system recharges in time, and the Edens Zero heads for the Kaede Cosmos. Frustrated, Feather gets a call from her colleague, Holy, who declares that she will take up the hunt for Shiki at Lendard.

Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics


Okay, I knew that Captain Connor had to be one of the best pilots in Edens Zero, but this? This is downright ridiculous in how good he is. Being able to fly a ship of that size through an asteroid field and not get a scratch on it? I don’t even know of any fiction pilots who could pull that off at the speed they were going, which does detract from the sheer awesomeness of it. The only other people I know who could come close to that are Anakin Skywalker and Han Solo, and even they might find it a challenge.

That said, this is a Shonen manga, and Shonen Manga tend to run on the “Rule of Cool” in situations like this. Therefore, why should I question something like this after having seen all the other insane stuff Mashima has done.

This was a pretty good chapter, though. We finally got to see what Captain Connor’s fully capable of, and it was worth the years of waiting. As for Holy, I’m not really concerned about her. Ziggy might deal with her, or Shiki will end up convincing her to help him take down his grandpa.

I Give “The Man, The Captain” a 3.5/5

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