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See, Sanji, We Told You You’re Not a Monster

One Piece Chapter 1034-Diable Ifrit Boeuf Burst

One Piece Chapter 1034 Review/Recap

Over the last few chapters, Sanji’s been experiencing some personal changes regarding his body. As a result of using that Germa Raid Suit, it’s awoken his dormant super soldier abilities. At first, this seems like a good thing, as it’s making him stronger than ever. However, Sanji worries that it’s at the cost of his humanity, as he seemingly attacked a defenseless Geisha. Resolving to deal with whatever happens to him afterwards, Black Leg Sanji prepared to face down Queen once more. In this chapter, fans not only see Sanji ascend to new heights of power, but confirm what we already knew. Sanji is not a monster, and he will never be a monster.

One Piece Chapter 1034 Cover
Source-Mangasee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


One Piece Chapter 1034-Queen Uses Germa's Powers
Source-Mangasee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

As Onigashima creeps closer toward the Flower Capital, Momonosuke changes tactics. Rather than make new clouds, he’s going to use the ones Kaido created to hold the island in place. Inside, the remain Beast Pirates desperately try to escape the island before it explodes. As for Sanji, he’s ready to finish his fight with Queen. Queen has some unexpected surprises up his sleeve.

Queen attack Sanji using all of Germa’s powers, revealing that he augmented himself with Judge’s science in an effort to one-up him, including Stealth Black. Sanji is not amused by this, though, and continues to beat Queen to a pulp. In the middle of this, Osome, the Courtesan Sanji “hit” before rushes out in search of her pet mouse. Queen hates her because she will not see him, and is about to turn his fury on the poor girl. Realizing that Queen was the one who attacked Osome, Sanji’s rage reaches new heights. Thanks to his stronger body, he unlocks a new power: Diable Ifrit, and uses it to lay waste to Queen in a very satisfying beatdown.

One Piece Chapter 1034-Diable Ifrit Boeuf Burst
Source-Mangasee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


I know I should be acting relieved to know that Sanji didn’t hit that poor girl, but I’m not. I already knew that Sanji couldn’t have done something like that, and that Oda only did it for the sake of drama. Even if he ended up changing in some way, the Straw Hat’s chef would never end up like his brothers, because he’s got the other Straw Hats to keep him grounded. Besides, his love of women is too great for him to just give that up now.

Regardless, this was an important moment in Sanji’s character development. Now that he’s learned to embrace his super-soldier body, his power’s skyrocketed to new heights. Considering how the Straw Hats will be closer than ever to One Piece after leaving Wano, they need all this power if they want to win.

As for Momonosuke, at this point, the best he can do is keep Onigashima from landing atop the Flower Capital. When Kaido goes down, the island will likely become a landmark right outside the capital. Which is pretty cool when you think about it.

One Piece Chapter 1034-Momonosuke Holds Back the Clouds
Source-Mangasee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

The manga’s on another break next week, so we won’t know if Sanji took down Queen for good. If he did, though, that leaves Big Mom, King, and Kaido left. Victory is within the Alliance’s grasp at last!

I Give “Sanji vs. Queen” a 4/5

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2 thoughts on “See, Sanji, We Told You You’re Not a Monster Leave a comment

  1. I agree with you that Sanji was never going to be abusive towards women, Oda has spent too much time building that into Sanji’s character. The Strawhat’s need to get stronger as the series moves on. I only wish the other Strawhat’s (like Chopper, Nami, and Usopp) could keep up with Luffy, Sanji, Jinbei, and Zoro.

  2. I LOVED this chapter. I’ve heard the name “Ifrit” before, so it popped me when I heard Sanji say it.
    Queen’s abilities are so diverse that I wonder if he’s just as durable as King at this point. Or heck; can even GET thin? How Cyborg is he?
    I saw on Twitter the potential inspiration for Osome and Chuji. Oda- much like Toriyama- loves his name puns! It had something to do with Geisha’s wearing grey in a certain point in Japanese history- it was called “Mouse Grey” or something like that.
    No WAY this island won’t be destroyed by the end of this night! It might not explode- but it’s COMING DOWN. One way or another…..

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