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Return to the Sea of Stars

Edens Zero Chapter 168-Sea of Stars Two-Page Spread

Edens Zero Chapter 168 Review/Recap

The War for Aoi Cosmos is over, and nothing is the same anymore. Nero and Shura are dead, their Empire toppled by their enemies. Witch gave her life to save her family. Creed and Jaguar of the Oracion Seis Interstellar are dead; and Oasis lost so many members, including their old bosses daughter. Last week we saw everyone go through the five stages of grief. Now, it’s time for the final stage-moving on and returning the dead to the sea of stars.

Also, after this chapter, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hate that little jerk, Jesse.

Edens Zero Chapter 168 Cover Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 168-Jesse is a Jerk
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Following the end of the war, Oracion Seis Interstellar assesses their losses. Despite Nero and Shura being dead, they lost Jaguar and Creed. It’s a heavy blow, but despite everything, the Interstellar won’t rest until their counterparts are defeated. Afterwards, Justice and Victory discuss just how Creed died. Despite Jesse claiming Edens Zero did it, the crew of Edens returned his body with a note about how he died. Too bad Jesse erased it and flat out lies to Justice saying that Homura killed him. In addition, he also mentions that she’s Kurenai’s daughter and linked to Elsie, making Justice go ballistic.

On Sandra, the Crew of Edens and Oasis mourn the loss of all their friends. According to Goodwin, when someone in the Aoi Cosmos dies, they say went to join the sea of stars. Thus, they honor their journey to that sea by lighting up lamps that they send to the sea of stars with their love. As the Crew of Edens and all those on Sandra watch, thousands of lamps are sent up into the seas of the Aoi Cosmos, with Shiki bidding farewell to Witch, the mother of Edens.

Edens Zero Chapter 168-Farewell, Witch Regret
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


This chapter was absolutely beautiful to look at. When that full-cover spread with the lamps going into the sky came up, I could almost hear some bittersweet anime music playing. If Edens Zero the anime gets to this point, it’s going to be a tearjerker. Well done honoring the fallen, Mashima. The sea of stars is something that I won’t soon forget.

Edens Zero Chapter 168-Screw You Jesse
I hope he gets what he deserves one day. Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

In more immediate concerns, this chapter cements Jesse as a little jerk. Firstly, he killed Creed and refused to accept responsibility for it. Now, he’s lied to Justice and framed Homura for his death. Given how much of a Templar Knight Justice is, he’s going to come after Edens Zero with a vengeance. Even if they try to tell him that Homura didn’t do it, I doubt he’ll listen. Here’s hoping Victory will believe them enough to talk reason into him. That, and I want to see Jesse beaten to a pulp now.

Overall, this was a very emotional end to a very emotional saga. Lot’s of growth, lot’s of death, and nothing’s going to be the same in Edens Zero. I can’t wait to see what happens.

I Give “The Sea of Stars” a 4.8/5

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  1. I honestly don’t think I could say anything more about this chapter. In my review; I said it’s easily the best in the series- and one of Mashima’s best in his career. I really like that Mashima took 2 chapters of the story to realistically portray these characters reaction to the death of a loved one. It’s important to grieve properly- and it’s just as important that you have a proper “Good bye.”
    OH MAN- the set up in this chapter gets me HYPED. I don’t know what I’m more excited for at this point- Justice vs Homura; Shiki vs Justice R2; Victory exposing Jesse; Jesse getting his skull bashed in- SO MUCH!! There’s 2 spots open in Galactica, and Interstelar has one? Will Shiki fill a position? If so; which one?

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