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Killer Frobots and Broken Masks on New Amphibia

Amphibia S3 Episode 5A-Frobo Reborn! Also, Grunkle Stan Bobblehead

Amphibia S3 Episode 5A/5B Review

Amphibia’s now well into it’s third and final season, and it has spent that time well. While several episodes have been one-off adventures, the show’s placing greater emphasis on the overall plot. Last week alone gave us a big clue regarding the connection between Earth and Amphibia while also exploring the effect of Anne’s disappearance on everyone who knows her. However, throughout it all, two plot threads have yet to be explored. Firstly, there’s the return of Frobo the frobot, who got smashed saving Polly. Secondly, there’s the fact that Anne hasn’t told her parents the whole truth about what happened.

Thankfully, both of these plot threads finally get explored as we deal with killer frobots this week on Amphibia.

Fixing Frobo

Amphibia S3 Episode 5A-Frobo Reborn! Also, Grunkle Stan Bobblehead
Source-Disney Channel

Having adjusted to life on Earth now, Polly reveals to her family a secret project she’s been working on. For some time now, she’s been using the Boonchuy’s garage to try and bring Frobo back online. However, her attempts end in disaster and the others telling her to wait until they’re back in Amphibia. Being a little kid, Polly ignores their advice, instead doubling down by researching everything she can about robotics online. She even gets advice from the two IT girls seen in the season three opening on how to fix Frobo.

Amphibia S3 Episode 5A-IT Gals
Source-Disney Channel

Polly may be the youngest of the Plantar’s, but she’s shown herself to be immensely gifted. Last week, we learned she taught herself how to speak Thai using Mrs. Boonchuy’s romcom collection. Here, she manages to get a working knowledge of robotics in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, her desperation to bring back her best friend leads to her ignoring everyone’s advice and turning Frobo on. Her repairs worked too well, resetting him back to factory standards and almost getting Polly killed. Thankfully, her tears somehow reawaken his memories of Polly and restore him to normal, albeit as just a head.

I know it’s a cliche for an act of love to bring back the memories of a beloved robot friend, but heck if it isn’t a good one. It makes you question whether or not machines can develop something akin to a soul. I’m of the opinion that they can, given enough time. However, by the end of this, Polly accepts that she has to be patient in fixing Frobo, showing off some serious character development in the process. Here’s hoping she and her new friends can fix him.


Amphibia S3 Episode 5B-The Frobot is Back
Source-Disney Channel

Having been back on Earth for a while, Anne continually impresses her family with her new level of responsibility. However, Anne feels guilty about withholding part of the truth from her parents, and their pride in her only makes it worse. Having reached her breaking point, Anne decides to come clean about everything. Too bad that assassin frobot returns for round three, no longer caring about being hidden. As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy see everything.

From here on out, everything unravels as Anne’s parents realize how much she’s kept from them. Mrs. Boonchuy assumes the worst and tears into Anne, asking when she’s going to grow up, causing Anne to snap.

I really felt how stressed out Anne was at that moment. Given how we know what she’s been through, and her parents don’t, only makes this harder to watch. Once she sees how much her daughter’s been suffering, though, Mrs Boonchuy relents. At lest long enough for them to take down the Frobot and for Anne to launch it into the atmosphere with her Calamity powers where it explodes. Andrias used a self-destruct bomb in it to do so.

Amphibia S3 Episode 5B-Mrs. Boonchuy to the Rescue
Source-Disney Channel

Things Will Get Heavier Going Forward

So, Frobo’s back, albeit as a disembodied head, and Anne’s secret is out in the open. Clearly, this episode is a game changer. And while I love that Polly managed to make progress with Frobo, I think we really need to talk about the second half of the episode.

Anne’s parents now know she partially lied to them, even if she had the best intentions. At least it wasn’t as bad as it was with Hop Pop, though. And while I’m glad Anne’s coming clean with everything, I’m also a little disappointed. The climax at the episode would’ve been the perfect time for Anne to fire back at her Mom about why she kept it all a secret. How Marcy got them stranded in Amphibia on purpose. Sasha betraying her not once, but twice. Andrias’ plans to conquer Earth, almost killing Sprig and Marcy, everything. I don’t think any parent could stay mad at their kids if they knew about that. Still, there’s always the fanfics for that.

In addition, Anne’s fight with the assassin frobot happened in broad daylight for everyone to see. While it looked like most bystanders didn’t notice or understand, the FBI clearly did. The episode ends on an ominous note with two government agents talking about contacting someone called Mr. X. Given the plot for the next episode, it’s clear that now Anne has to worry about the government being after the Plantar’s and possibly her. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what Anne will do going forward. With the invasion on the horizon, Anne can’t afford to fight two powerful enemies at once. Fingers crossed. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Amphibia S3 Episode 5B-The FBI Involved
Source-Disney Channel

I Give “Fixing Frobo” and “Anne-sterminator” a 3.8/5 and a 4/5

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Stray Observations

  • Love that Mr. Boonchuy plays MMO’s
Amphibia S3 Episode 5A-Mr. Boonchuy Plays MMOs
Source-Disney Channel
  • Mrs. Boonchuy had some…interesting ways of coping with Anne’s’ disappearance.
Amphibia S3 Episode 5B-How Mrs. Boonchuy Coped With Anne's Dissappearance
Source-Disney Channel
  • Okay, that arm is definitely going to come back into play!
Amphibia S3 Episode 5B-This Could Matter Later
Source-Disney Channel
  • Andrias isn’t going to be getting any of those books.
  • This was the second time we heard the term “Alms” or “Olms”.
  • Loved the reference to the Star Wars Prequels!

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  1. While I DO agree with you that it would have been cool to see Anne fire back at her Mother- it was 1)A pacing things- not a lot of time left in the episode, 2)Probably not the BEST time considering the situation, and 3)1 emotional gut punch at the time. I want. I think she’ll tell her parents in due time- leading to a crack about how Ms Boonchuy never really liked Sasha. And their disappointment in Marcy. Which may be where the “explosion” of emotions comes from.
    1 arm got stuck at the muesem- the other 1 in this dump. looking at it in relation to the robot and the dude we see fighting Sprig; we can gather that he gets this one. But what of the OTHER one? The FBI may want more than just the capture of Anne and the Plantars…..
    I wonder what kind of adventure toy car Frobo and Polly will be getting into when we next see him. More fun with Domino? Or a distraction for more Frobot’s that Andrias sends to Earth?
    Poor Mr. Boonchuy!! Not only his backyard, but now his GOLDEN CONTROLLER? And what was that about being unsurprised with Anne and his wife’s furosity? How often does he see them do this?

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