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MHA World Heroes Mission: Fun Film, Bland Villain


My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Review

Remember how excited fans were when My Hero Academia got its first film? Some of the most elite Shonen series have made it onto the big screen over the years; it’s like an unofficial sign of greatness. Now, MHA has its film cinematic outing available in the US, World Heroes Mission, and it opens us up to the world of heroes beyond that of Japan. Unfortunately, the villain this time around is neither charismatic nor memorable like other villains.

A World Without Quirks

Taking place during the Endeavor Agency Arc, the basic premise was hinted at in a filler episode that I covered. Essentially, there’s this doomsday cult that prescribes to the idea that Quirks will eventually become too much for humans to control and wipe everyone out. Thus, this group, Humarise, wants to eliminate all Quirks to save humanity. When the heroes attempt to stop them, Deku stumbles upon key intel that puts him square in Humarise’s sights and forces him to go on the run while abroad. Luckily, none of the Heroes buy it, and it does little to hamper the plot of the film.

Humarise: So Unoriginal

Source-Funimation, Shonen Jump, MHA Wiki

I’m going to come out and say it: Humarise is not the best villainous faction I’ve seen in a Shonen anime. Heck, it’s not even the best evil faction in the context of My Hero Academia. That’s because there’s nothing original about them.

Firstly, there have been cult/terrorist groups like Humarise in comic books for years. I could make a whole list regarding how many anti-metahuman groups I’ve seen in Marvel Comics, and a lot of them direct their hatred towards that of Mutants. Secondly, they may think they’re doing the right thing, but Humarise is doing anything but that. Their ultimate goal of wiping out Quirks would kill off 80% of the world’s population. No matter how you slice it, that’s wrong and there’s no justifying it. Lastly, they’re not even original in the context of MHA, with that Yakuza group wanting to do the same thing.

In addition, their leader, Flect Turn’s, motivation boils down to the fact that his Quirk can’t be controlled. Thus, because it’s brought him so much misery, he wants to get rid of Quirks outright. It’s Overhaul all over again.

At Least Rody Was Fun

Source-Funimation, Shonen Jump, MHA Wiki

The film did introduce us to a new character by the name of Rody Soul that was at least a little interesting, as far as anime film characters go. Rody’s a small-time thief around Deku’s age who, through fate or accident, gets embroiled in this Humarise debacle with Deku. However, his life has not been the easiest; his Dad dissappeared when he was young, leaving him to look after his siblings on his own. Because of his tough upbringing, he’s had to learn to trust only himself to survive. He’s like a less angry version of Bakugo, basically.

As far as original characters go, I thought that Rody was okay. This movie was just as much his story as it was about yet another mission Deku finds himself in. And, despite his limitations, he ends up becoming integral to stopping Humarise. Also, he gets bonus points because he works for this bar owner named Stanleyk. Get it?

Fun Film, Forgettable Plot

Overall, I thought that this My Hero Academia film was pretty fun. As far as relevance to the plot of the series goes, though, it has none. However, that’s par for the course for Shonen films. Whenever a Shonen anime gets a movie, it almost never affects the overall plot. It’s really just a standalone, extra-long filler episode where the show’s staff can cut loose, much to fan’s enjoyment.

So, while we wait for the upcoming Paranormal Liberation War, this film should be enough to tide fans over. Also, the action was absolutely amazing.

I Give My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission A 3.5/5

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One thought on “MHA World Heroes Mission: Fun Film, Bland Villain Leave a comment

  1. I’ve been hearing A LOT of negative things about this movie. It pretty much aligns with what you’re saying: “Fun, pretty movie- completely forgettable story and villain.” I actually watched a guy who said he was falling asleep while watching the movie. It makes me not want to watch it for anything more than the fight sequences.
    And it REALLY makes me upset that they put more work into THIS- rearrange the whole of season 5 just to do an okay-ish movie tie in episode- only to shaft My Villain Academia for a movie that no one seems to be liking.
    I also heard about some “Fujoshi Bating” in the film- people thinking of shipping Deku and Rody. Was there any indication of that? or is it just more “My Yaoi Academia” artist forcing a romance where there isn’t one?

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