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Laguna Sets the Fallen Princess Straight At Last!

Edens Zero Chapter 159-Tears Wave!

Edens Zero Chapter 159 Review/Recap

So, last week, Hiro Mashima gave us one of the biggest examples of Stockholm Syndrome I’ve ever seen in my life. Laguna learned that his former comrade, Princess, got captured by Shura and horribly tortured. As a result of that, she developed severe Stockholm Syndrome and started serving the nutjob willingly. A nutjob who, by the way, just tortured Witch to near-death to piss off Shiki.

It’s the heroes turn to make things right.

Edens Zero Chapter 159 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Edens Zero Chapter 159-Shiki vs. Shura, Round 2
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Horrified by what Shura did to Witch, Shiki attacks the Prince in a fit of rage. However, Pino reveals that Witch is still alive, leaving her, Happy, and Rebecca to retrieve her before going to meet up Laguna and destroy the All-Link System. Meanwhile, Shiki vows to take Shura down for good.

Back with Laguna, Princess says that Shura’s inability to love is what makes him strong, and that she needs to learn from that, before finishing Laguna off. However, Laguna saved himself by using his own powers, and then confirms something he already suspected. Princess only got her Ether Gear during her captivity, and she used that to tie herself to Shura. She lied to herself about Shura being her red string of destiny, when her real red strings tied her to Oasis. Thus, Laguna uses his full power to sever the red string between the two, defeating her and saving her in the process.

Edens Zero Chapter 159-Princess Returns
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Like I said last week: Stockholm. Syndrome. And Princess had one of the worst cases of it that I’ve ever seen. She’s not at fault, though. She convinced herself she was in love with Shura to cope with the hell he put her through. However, judging by her reaction to Laguna once she came to, severing the red string may have wiped her memories of the torture she went through. It might be a bit of a copout, but it’s for the best that she forgets that stuff. Just like how Kleene got the trauma of her brother’s torture erased. Either way, she’s back to her old self.

Edens Zero Chapter 159-Creed's True Identity
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

This should be the part where we focus exclusively on stopping the All-Link and Shura right now. However, it looks like Mashima wants to spend some time focusing on the B-Couple of Homura and Creed. It turns out, they’re from the same planet, with Creed being a part of the family of their world’s Shogun. At the moment, though, I don’t really care. I think what happened with Princess was fairly satisfying, if not predictable.

I Give “The Strings of Unbreakable Bonds” a 3/5

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