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At Last, the Dance of the Two Dragons Shall Begin!

One Piece Chapter 1025 Color Spread

One Piece Chapter 1025 Review/Recap

Ever since I first learned that Momonosuke’s artificial Devil Fruit was made using Kaido’s DNA, I knew that boy would play a role in defeating him. However, I didn’t know how he would do so. After all, he was still a kid! But then he had Shinobu age him up, and he became as big as Kaido! But will this newfound growth be enough to help beat the man who killed his father? Let’s find out as the dance of two dragons is about to begin!

One Piece Chapter 1025 Cover Page
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee


One Piece Chapter 1025-Momo the Dragon is Still Scared of Heights
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee

Having transformed into an adult Dragon thanks to Shinobu, Momonosuke’s ready to take on Kaido. Only one problem: he’s still deathly afraid of heights! Luffy has to force him to get up in the air and to Onigashima. Otherwise, Wano would fall. On the roof of the skull itself, Yamato and Kaido continue to clash at full strength, with Kaido trying to put his son down, but Yamato refuses to listen. He will see Wano set free.

One Piece Chapter 1025-Clash of the Oni
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee

As all this is going on, Luffy manages to get Momonosuke to fly, albeit he refuses to open his eyes. As a result, he manages to crash into the castle on Onigashima, catching everyone off guard, including Big Mom.

One Piece Chapter 1025-Momo the Dragon
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee

After tearing through the castle several times, the two finally manage to make it back up to the roof, even while everyone is confused about the presence of two dragons. Even Kaido’s confused when he sees the other dragon. However, he doesn’t have time to worry about this, as Luffy and Yamato hit him at once. Kaido’s confounded at the fact that Luffy’s still alive, and amused when Momonosuke reveals who hes is. As the two dragons face each other down, Kaido declares that there’s only room for one of them in the world.

  • One Piece Chapter 1025-Luffy and Yamato Twin Attack
  • One Piece Chapter 1025-Two Dragons


So this is what Shinobu meant when she said Momo would mentally remain a child. Besides his mind not catching up to this now-adult body, Momo maintains his crippling fear of heights. Though, from my perspective, he’s not afraid of heights as much as he is afraid of Kaido. Kaido held the boy from the top of his family’s castle and threatened to drop him, so he would naturally be afraid of both. If Momo wants to avenge his father, though, he has to overcome his fear and beat the snot out of Kaido.

As for Luffy, I think that this time, he’s going to beat Kaido. The Yonko has been fighting nonstop since the night began, and Luffy, the Scabbards, the Worst Generation, and Yamato have all gotten some good hits in on him. In addition, there’s the fact that Kaido will be facing Luffy, Yamato, and Momonosuke at once. If the three of them work together, they might have a chance of beating him. And once that happens, the Beast Pirates will either surrender or scatter to the winds.

I, for one, am looking forward to this clash of two dragons. Momonosuke, make your father proud and put Kaido in the ground!

One Piece Chapter 1025 Full-Colored Spread
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee

I Give “Two Dragons,” a 4/5

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