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The Red String of Destiny

Edens Zero Chapter 157-Stop Teasing Us, Mashima!

Edens Zero Chapter 157 Review/Recap

In East Asian cultures, there’s a story about something known as the red string, or thread, of Destiny. According to legend, those destined to be together are bound by an invisible red string via their wrists. In other words, its their form of Cupid’s arrow of love. It sounds super romantic, in my honest opinion. However, our boy Mashima just managed to take that legend and turn it into something downright creepy.

The worst part is the fact that he manages to tease us with more Rebecca-Shiki shipping.

Edens Zero Chapter 157 Cover
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


As the battle over the planet continues, word reaches Oasis that the Interstellar Union Army’s launched an assault on Nero’s throne world. However, aboard the Edens Zero, there’s no cause for celebration. Having been fully repaired, Hermit and Sister’s first instinct is to go and waste Shura. Couchpo, though, calls them on leaving the ship defenseless and says that they should have faith in Shiki and the others.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 157-Stop Teasing Us, Mashima!
  • Edens Zero Chapter 157-Red Strings Gone Bad

Down below, Shiki and Rebecca’s group is almost near Witch’s location when they get caught in these red strings of Ether. It latches onto Shiki and Rebecca, and before anyone can react, the two start acting all lovey-dovey. Happy cuts the red strings, but that just makes it worse. It causes the two to start attacking each other!

  • Edens Zero Chapter 157-Ijuna's Power: Red Destiny
  • Edens Zero Chapter 157-Laguna Saves the Day

Then, Shura’s assistant comes in and explains that this is all her Ether Gear: Red Destiny. She can make people fall in love, and then replace it with murderous rage. As the machines watch in horror, Laguna shows up and uses his own Ether Gear to turn the two into water, cancelling the process out. While Laguna deals with Ijuna, the machine trio take Rebecca and Shiki to a safe spot to let them out. That’s when things get complicated, though, as Laguna discovers that “Ijuna” is really Princess, his former comrade in Oasis.

Edens Zero Chapter 157-A Face From Laguna's Past
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Red strings, indeed.


I’m just going to come out and say it: I think Hiro Mashima enjoys messing with us like this.

Think about it. A recurring trend in all of his manga has been shiptease. He did it with Haru and Elie in Rave Master, then cranked it up to absurd levels in Fairy Tail. Now, he’s doing it again with Rebecca and Shiki. I don’t mind shipping, but it’s starting to get annoying how much he teases us like this!

Having said that, I think the red strings idea is a pretty clever play on the legend. Love is one of the most powerful, and dangerous, forces in the Universe, and Mashima shows us that in this chapter.

In addition, the revelation that Ijuna’s actually the Princess of Oasis was a twist that I didn’t see coming, just like Laguna didn’t. The past chapters have hinted that the two were close, but now, we’ll get the chance to see just how close they were.

This next chapter should be very interesting to read. And I’m also wondering if the red strings will affect Rebecca and Shiki’s perceptions of each other after they wake up. That would be awkward!

Edens Zero Is on Netflix!

One last thing I forgot to tell you guys: Edens Zero is now officially on Netflix. The first twelve episode are up, both subbed and dubbed, and ready to watch.

Guess what? I don’t care. I’ve been watching it on other platforms for months. Maybe Netflix should’ve thought of doing that instead of releasing it in blocks. Good going, Netflix.

I Give “The Red String of Destiny” a 3/5

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