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MonthAugust 2021

The Bad Batch Episode 15-Hunter and Crosshair Return to Kamino

Kamino Falls to the Empire on Brand-New Bad Batch

With the end of the Clone Wars, the Empire has no further use for Kamino, and this week, they make that apparent. What happens this week will drop the curtain on the age of Clone Troopers, for good.

Edens Zero Chapter 154 Cover Page

Jinn Fights an Epic (And Windy) Battle of Ninjutsu!

ninjutsu was amazing! So, when Hiro Mashima gave us the cyborg ninja, Jinn, I was understandably excited. However, the only thing better than one ninja is two ninja’s fighting each other! And as it turns out, Callum of the Ocean’s 6 is trained in the ways of ninjutsu! It’s time for a ninja fight!

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