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Let’s Get this Revival Party Started, People!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 21-Revival Party

My Hero Academia S5, Episode 21 Review

I have been waiting all season for My Hero Academia to get to this point in the anime: the Meta Liberation Arc, AKA My Villain Academia. While the heroes have spent the entire season training to get stronger, the League of Villains has been trying to stay afloat. Now, they’ve been called out to the revival party of the Meta Liberation Army. And as this episode proves, this revival party is going to be absolutely glorious!!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 21 Title Card
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The Revival Party Has Begun

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 21-Destro and Re-Destro
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The episode starts off with a brief flashback to the early days of the emergence of Quirks in the world. Back then, a Magneto-type figure called Destro called for society to allow the use of Quirks in everyday life, saying it was a right. However, his movement got squashed, and he died in prison. Now his son’s trying to finish what his Dad started, and the League of Villains stands in his way. It’s an interesting premise and contrast to the more Shigaraki.

At any rate, the League of Villains travels to the MLA’s private city for their “Revival Party”: the League members vs 110,000 members of the MLA. As a result, the League of Villains gets into the fight of its life.

In my experience, the hallmark to a good story is not just good heroes, but good villains. Many post-Dragonball manga in Shonen Jump have made it a point to flesh out the villains so that people understand their backstories and motives. But what MHA goes the extra mile in doing is making the villains not only real, but relatable. Even though they’re villains, we get so attached to these people that we sometimes want to see them succeed. Case in point, we have the League’s resident yandere, Himiko Toga.

The Curious Case of Himiko Toga

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 21-Toga's Love
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Himiko Toga is a very curious character, to say the least. Despite being psychotic, she’s also cheerful and friendly, in her creepy way. She’s one of the top waifu’s of the series. But is how she turned out nature vs. nurture?

This episode shows us a better look at her past. Due to her blood-related Quirk, she developed an unhealthy obsession with blood. However, rather than get her therapy to help her, her parents told her to “act normal” and “fit in”. In the end, this led to her losing it and becoming the yandere we know her as. However, she doesn’t regret her actions, as she sees her current self as “normal.”

I honestly have no idea if Toga’s mental state is due to her nature or because society failed her, but I cannot deny respecting her will to live life as she sees fit. And, I won’t lie, I was impressed when she discovered she can use her Quirk to briefly copy another person’s Quirk as well as appearance. Creepy, powerful, and fitting for someone who wants to be loved for who she is.

More About the Villains

This was clearly meant to be the best of the season, hence why they saved it for last. And it’s about to get even better, as the next episode will give us a look into the psychology behind Twice, the villain with the perpetual identity crisis, and one of my favorite villains in the League. And we’re also getting a look at the life of Tomura Shigaraki before he became who he is now. This is going to be fun! GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 22 Preview
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I Give “Revival Party” a 4.5/5

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