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The Winds of Edens Will Blow Evil Away!

Edens Zero Chapter 155 Cover

Edens Zero Chapter 155 Review/Recap

When we last left off Edens Zero two weeks ago, the Rutherford siblings were locked in battle with Lyra and Callum of the Ocean’s 6. At first, their wind Ether Gear let them put up an impressive fight. However, Jinn got caught off-guard when he realized that Callum was his old sparring partner from his dojo days on Guilst. Thanks to that, the two were forced on the defensive as Callum started to turn Jinn’s body into mist! In order to win, the Winds of Edens will need to dig deep to unlock their latent power!


Edens Zero Chapter 155-Know Thyself
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

As Jinn’s body continues to turn into mist, Kleene can’t do anything to help her brother as Lyra pins her down. As a result, Jinn quickly begins to dissipate. That’s when he remembers what Laguna said about Callum’s type of Ether Gear, Empire Ether. According to Laguna, Empire Ether affects other people by messing with their ether, rather than boost the user’s own abilities. There is a way to reverse the process, but that requires knowing oneself. Thus, Jinn thinks back on his life thus far, from Muller maiming him, to working under Drakken Joe and the fake Sister. But most of all, he thinks about the Edens Zero and her crew. Thanks to them, he can be whoever he wants. This revelation lets him stabilize his ether, freeing him from Callum’s powers.

Edens Zero Chapter 155-Jinn Knows Who He Is
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

No longer holding themselves back, the Rutherford siblings begin to transform. Declaring that their wind will be the Winds of Edens will carry their ship forward, the siblings unlock Overdrive. Thanks to that, Callum and Lyra are taken down for the count.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 155-The Winds of the Rutherford Siblings
  • Edens Zero Chapter 155-The Winds of Edens

In another part of the city, Shiki and Rebecca’s team (with Rebecca now having regular clothes) reach the fortress where Shura’s likely holding Witch. However, they’re being watched by Ijuna from within the fortress.

Edens Zero Chapter 155-Closing In On the Enemy
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


At this point, I think it would be a better use of time to count the members of the crew who haven’t gone through Overdrive. First we had Shiki back on Belial Gore. Then this arc has seen Homura, Weisz, and the Rutherford siblings unlock it in rapid succession. At the rate the story’s progressing, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the non-machine members of the crew unlocked Overdrive!

Some might see the rapid succession of power-ups as overkill, but I think it’s just Mashima’s way of demonstrating how strong the heroes have gotten thanks to their training. And they need to get stronger if they want to make it to Mother. In other words, I’ve got no problems with it right now.

Having said that, I liked the flashback sequence the Rutherford siblings had. It shows just how far they’ve come as characters in the series. Now, instead of being trapped in villainy, they’ve become the winds that will carry their friends forward. “The Winds of Edens” is a pretty badass epithet if you ask me.

It looks like the battle for the All-Link System is nearing its climax, so I expect Shiki and Shura to start their rematch in the next few chapters. And I hope that it’s as epic as Mashima’s building it up to be.

I Give “The Winds of Rutherford” a 3.5/5

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