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Finally, MHA Is Getting to the Good Stuff!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 19-The Three Friends

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 19 Review

Finally! After weeks and weeks of waiting, MHA is about to get to the good stuff! With the fifth season of the anime only having six episodes left, it’s got to get a move on if it wants to lay the groundwork for the next season. The season that will, more than likely, focus on the biggest and darkest arc to date. And it starts with Present Mic and Eraserhead encountering a face from their past.

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 19 Cover
Source-Watchcartoononline, Shonen Jump, Funimation

Eraserhead and Present Mic’s Friend

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 19-The Three Friends
Source-Watchcartoononline, Shonen Jump, Funimation

There are people out there that you look at and wonder “why are they even friends?” People that are so different from each other that it seems like they never naturally associate. Then again, opposites attract, as is the case of Eraserhead and Present Mic. But they also had another friend, one who kept them both together: Oboro Shirakumo. He was tragically killed while the three were doing their work studies. However, All for One stole his corpse and resurrected him as the Nomu, Kurogiri.

I remember reading this moment in the manga, and I thought to myself just how messed up it was. It was bad enough that Oboro died at such a young age. But for All for One to bring him back as a puppet for evil? That’s sick on so many levels! I felt Aizawa’s tears as he tried to reach out to what was left of his friend in Kurogiri.

In the end, Aizawa and Present Mic end up getting some vital information out of Oboro/Kurogiri: hospital. Combined with everything we already knew about the villains activity, the puzzle finally becomes clear.

And thus, next week finally, finally sets us up for the villains return. Move over, MHA! My Villain Academia is about to begin people! GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 20 Sneak Preview
Source-Watchcartoononline, Shonen Jump, Funimation

I Give “More of a Hero Than Anyone” A 4/5

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  1. This is why I’ve been hesitant to jump back in to My Hero Academia. When it is good, it is awesome, but there’s a lot of downtime in between those shining moments. I will at some point go back and finish season 4 and whatever else is out at that time but at the moment I’m still good with taking a break from it.

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