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Helpful Hooty Comes Through On Best Owl Episode Yet!

The Owl House S2 Episode 8-You're A Devious One, Mr Hooty

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 8 Review

When it comes to the residents of the Owl House, Hooty is the black sheep of the group. Or rather, the black owl. He can be incredibly badass, holding off the Emperor’s Coven on his own. At the same time, he can also be super annoying, and some of the stuff he does can give people nightmares. Thus, some fans jokingly groaned when this week’s episode would be Hooty-centered. After the episode aired, though, it’s safe to say that fans appreciate Hooty more than ever!

Helpful Hooty is Here!

The entire episode starts with Hooty writing a letter to Lilith, the two becoming penpals after she moved back with her Mom. This serves as the framework for the story as the entire episode takes place via flashback. To sum it up: with all the adventures and events going on in the Owl House resident’s lives, Hooty feels left out and not needed. However, after Lilith gives him some words of encouragement, the tube-owl resolves to help the residents with their various problems.

  • Eda’s overworking herself, trying to get strong again and stop whatever Belos’ got planned.
  • King’s still upset about not finding his Dad, and how his voice starts to crack.
  • Luz is torn between her desire to return home and her growing feelings for Amity.

Hooty ends up helping, but not in the way he intended. In the process, though, we end up learning more about the world of the show than we could’ve ever thought.

King Goes Through Puberty

The Owl House S2 Episode 8-King's New Powers
Source-YouTube, Disney Channel,

Firstly, we have King, who’s going through what’s essentially demonic puberty and everything that goes with it. Thus, Hooty resolves to help him figure out just what he is. As a result, we end up learning more about the different categories of Demons and Witches that inhabit the Boiling Isles than before. Unfortunately, its made evident that King doesn’t even fall into any of these categories. Hooty tries to cheer him up by telling him that it doesn’t matter since he’s loved for who he is, but that doesn’t help. Instead, it ends up awakening powers in him that he didn’t know he had. King has sonic screams! He can use his voice to break objects like Danny Phantom, the Banshee, or Black Bolt. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no telling what else he may be capable of as he gets older!

Hooty, though, isn’t happy.

Eda the Harpy Lady!

The Owl House S2 Episode 8-Mr. Clawthorne
Source-Disney Channel, Tumblr

Next, we have Eda as we gain more insight into her curse. Despite gaining a measure of control over it, it remains a problem for her, and not getting enough sleep makes it worse. Thus, Hooty knocks her out with cookies laced with a sleeping potion. Unfortunately, those cookies amplify her dreams and take her down some uncomfortable memories.

This portion was absolutely brilliant, as it demonstrates how much a serious condition like Eda’s can affect a person’s life. To start off with, we learn that Eda accidentally clawed her Dad’s eye out via the Owl Beast. Then, we learn Raine broke up with her when she kept pushing them away because of the curse. However, none of that compares to what we see next. It’s revealed that the Owl Beast isn’t just a curse but also an actual living being. A being native to a different island in the Demon Realm that got captured by an unknown entity and sealed away before washing up on the Boiling Isles as the scroll Lilith would find. 

Eda’s a Jinchuriki

This is big for two reasons. Firstly, it explains why no one on the Boiling Isles knows what to do about Eda’s curse. It’s not from the Boiling Isles, but another place entirely! Secondly, the Owl Beast isn’t inherently evil. All it wants is to return to its home, only to be trapped inside Eda. In other words, Eda’s a Jinchuriki, and the Owl Beast is her Tailed Beast.

As a result of this revelation, Eda and the Owl Beast come to something of an understanding. Neither likes their current situation but accepts that they’re stuck together for the time being. So, they agree to work together. And as I suspected, this new cooperation and control allow Eda to assume a new, hybrid form. She’s like a freaking Harpy! While she may not regain her magic, the trade-off here is amazing!!

The Owl House S2 Episode 8-Eda's Harpy Form
Source-Disney Channel, Tumblr


The Owl House S2 Episode 8-SQUEEEE!!!!
Source-Disney Channel, Tumblr

Last but not least, we have the saga of Lumity. Ever since Amity kissed her, Luz can’t stop thinking about Amity Blight. She’s crazy about her, but she’s been ridiculed in the past so many times, she’s too afraid to act on her feelings. So, Hooty decides to force the issue! He drags Amity to the Owl House’s basement, where he set up this cheesy tunnel of love to help Luz convey her feelings for Amity.

Cheesy or not, Amity thinks it’s sweet because it shows how much Luz cares about her, though. However, Luz almost ruins everything by destroying it, not wanting to look lame in front of Amity. 

The Owl House S2 Episode 8-TRUE LOVE!
Source-Disney Channel, Tumblr

Part of establishing a strong romantic relationship is finding someone who likes you for you, both the good and the bad. If someone loves you, you shouldn’t have to worry about looking lame in front of them, because it won’t matter. And when Luz almost lets her fear win out, she nearly wrecks everything.

In the end, Hooty gets so upset he tries to run away from everyone. Fortunately, his family points out how much he ended up helping them and is able to calm him down. In addition, Luz and Amity finally confess their feelings and start dating.


The Owl House S2 Episode 8-LUMITY IS CANON!!!
Source-Disney Channel, Tumblr

Best Episode Yet!!!!

This has to be one of the best episodes that The Owl House has ever put out. Not only did we get Lumity becoming canon, but we got a ton of lore and character development. And the ending leaves us room for more. A mysterious being that looks like an older version of King shows up at the Owl House with a letter for King. While Hooty ends up eating it, I have no doubt that this letter will return in the future.

The Owl House S2 Episode 8-Daddy King?!?
Source-Disney Channel, Tumblr

After seeing this episode, I couldn’t stop squealing. The Owl House just keeps getting better and better, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Also, LUMITY IS CANON!!!!!!!

I Give” Knock Knock Knockn’ on Hooty’s Door!” A 5/5

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3 thoughts on “Helpful Hooty Comes Through On Best Owl Episode Yet! Leave a comment

  1. You know; I was expecting this to be one of the shows…….not “worst,” but not one of it’s best- like it ended up being. Like you said; it did so much for the story in such a natural way that it’s on par with the season 2 finale of “Amphibia-” and we’re only on episode F*CKING 8!!!!
    My brother’s and I were confused as to the scene with The Owl Beast and the Moon Cloak person. We joked that that was just “the physical manifestation of the Day Of Unity.” So thank you for clarifying what that scene was! I wonder why they did that, and what the Owl Beasts life on that island was like. Also; they used the “Red Thread” concept pretty well.
    KING. HAS. CONQUEROR’S HAKI. THAT is what I took away from his storyline in this episode. Oh; and Demon Puberty. Though, if he doesn’t fall into 1 of the 3 categories- IS HE even really a “Demon?” Or is he something else COMPLETELY?
    LUMITY. YES; this is a “thing” now. Though my question is HOW into it will the show get? I don’t mean like how much we’re gonna see it- cause I feel like we’re going to be seeing a LOT of Amity going forward. No; I mean: Are they going to KISS kiss, or just pecks on the cheek? And is this going to be a “Hormonal Roller Coaster,” or…….are they going to have an “okay” relationship without all the drama that leads to the end of it for like an episode or 2?
    So………..If the Owl Beast is a REAL creature trying to go home, then…….what of Lilith and HER curse? And what part of the curse makes your limbs fall off? And I just feel like I have to say it SOMEWHERE: Eda displayed that her curse allows her to mess with magic- “burning it” and all.
    So now………is Eda and Anti magic Harpee? CAUSE THAT’S COOL. Like; She flies into the air and starts playing an instrument and then everything around her starts to corrode!!
    So much to say about this episode- so little time…….

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