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I Was Right on the Money About Lyra!! She Cheats!

Edens Zero Chapter 153 Color Page

Edens Zero Chapter 153 Review/Recap

Last week might be one of my least favorite chapters of Edens Zero to date. Rebecca found herself fighting Lyra of the Ocean’s Six in a twisted game of cards. When they lost a round, they’d lose some of their clothes. If they lost them all, they’d lose a part of their body! Rebecca should’ve gotten the upper hand with her time powers, but Lyra, somehow, still got the upper hand. I strongly suspected that Lyra cheated to win the game, and as it turns out, I was right! 

Cue the smug Juvia Gif.


Edens Zero Chapter 153 Color Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha

Rebecca remains at a loss as to how Lyra could still win despite her own powers. Then, the realization hits her: Lyra is cheating to win. Forced into a corner, Rebecca ultimately loses the next round, and her leotard. However, before Lyra can take her legs, Rebecca uses Reverse one last time. After briefly collapsing and making a scene, Rebecca openly accuses Lyra of cheating. And she’s right: Lyra’s Ether Gear lets her change the numbers on the cards. Thus, she always wins.

Edens Zero Chapter 153-REVERSE!!
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha

However, this time, Rebecca outsmarts her. When Rebecca collapsed, she hid the highest numbered card in her cleavage, tore up one card to look like two, and tricked Lyra into revealing herself. As a result, everyone knows that Lyra’s rigged the game to win.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 153-Rebecca Pulls One Over on Lyra
  • Edens Zero Chapter 153-Take That, Lyra!

Now enraged, Lyra drops all pretenses and just tries to kill Rebecca then and there. Fortunately, Shiki and Callum’s fight interrupts the attempted killing, and Shiki takes Rebecca to save Witch. When the two Oceans try to stop them, Jinn and Kleene show up and keep them at bay. Rebecca and Shiki are free to get back to the rescue mission and stop Shura with both Ocean’s now occupied.

Edens Zero Chapter 153-Jinn and Kleene to the Rescue!
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha


Either I’m good at figuring out what will happen next, or Hiro Mashima’s starting to become predictable with his manga. Because, as I said before, I was not surprised by the revelation in this chapter. Even before we learned how she did it, it was obvious that Lyra was rigging the game. Her calm attitude to her losses made it all too apparent. And while I’m well aware that Rebecca’s no better by cheating herself, I’d justify her use of Reverse, considering the circumstances. It was clever of her to sacrifice her last Reverse to expose Lyra, but if the latter figured out her Ether Gear, she could’ve turned the situation back around on her.

As for the warning about Rebecca potentially losing her legs in the future, I don’t think that Rebecca’s escape averted the worst future. Now, I fear that the fight with Shura will end up costing her her legs instead. Rebecca and Shiki will need to be extra careful around Shura to keep that from happening.

Despite focusing on the same card game as before, I think this chapter improved the last one. Firstly, we got to see how cunning Rebecca can be, and since this was live-streamed, that could boost her popularity in the long run. Secondly, it ended that dumb card game. Lastly, we’re going to see the Wind Siblings fight next episode. I hope they tear off Lyra’s clothes and humiliate her like she’s done to so many girls.

I Give “The False Five” A 3.5/5

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One thought on “I Was Right on the Money About Lyra!! She Cheats! Leave a comment

  1. Yeah; something like taking clothes is up cleans alley- especially when it’s in the name of “retribution.” But I don’t think that this will be the last we see of the Oceans- or Shura. I feel like going forward; these characters are going to be a Rival Faction to the Edens Zero. And I think Lyra is going to want to make Rebecca and Kleene pay for ruining her game and humiliating her.
    Kris vs Callum was the fight that I wanted to see the most. Though I don’t know what his ability could be anymore. Mashima’s changed up these characters Ether Gears from what I was told and actually READ from their creators that I couldn’t tell you if Kris will win. I mean; he WILL, but will he need to Overdrive for it? Yeah; if Homura and Weisz have Overdrive- Kris DEFINITELY has it!
    I liked what Mashima is doing in the background there; slowly having Rebecca gaining notoriety and fame- while leaving Labilla in a situation where she can’t get ads on her videos(remember what Couchpo said in chapter 85 about Labila?). She’s rising- and Labila’s falling. Wonder where she’ll be at in life when we next see her?

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