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Hellish Todoroki Family Takes Focus In New MHA

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 17 Cover

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 17 Review

If you’ve ever read comic books before, than you know the personal lives of superheroes aren’t the most stable, even in the best of times. Yet when you look at how messed up the Todoroki family has it, it makes half of what Spider-Man goes through look like child’s play. His Wife’s in a mental ward, Shoto still has a grudge against him, and his other son can’t stand him. The Todoroki family is broken, but Endeavor’s trying to fix it. The question is, can he?

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 17 Cover
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The Todoroki Family’s Dark Past

The first half of the episode continues the main plot of the arc: Shoto, Bakugo, and Deku working under Endeavor and trying to keep up with him. However, it’s the second half of the episode that takes focus. Endeavor’s eldest daughter invites the students to dinner. Calling it awkward is an understatement. Fuyumi tries to make the meal as enjoyable as possible, but Endeavor’s other son, Natsu, can’t stand what’s happening and decides to leave. As he does so, he basically calls out his Dad on how he’s trying to change now, after all the abuse and neglect he put them through.

This, to me, served as a reminder of how simply saying “I’m sorry” isn’t always enough to fix a broken relationship. In real life, it’s not always easy for people to forgive someone for past wrongs. Moreover, Natsu has a point in calling out his Dad’s recent change as too little, too late. However, we know that Endeavor’s genuinely trying to change for the sake of his family.

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 17-Toya
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Then, we get the wham shot. The shrine dedicated to his oldest son, Toya Todoroki. If you’ve read the manga, then you know just how big a moment this is. I won’t spoil it, though. All I’ll say is that Toya plays a bigger role in the show than you think.

This episode was definitely a step-up from recent ones. Not much action, but the emotional stakes kept me interested. And the drama continues next week. GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 18 Preview
Source-Watchcartoononline, Viz Media, Shonen Jump, Funimation

I Give “The Hellish Todoroki Family” A 3.5/5

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  1. Ah………THIS. Anime Watchers are going to ADORE that reveal! As for what’s going on now- yeah; this is pretty important. I really like these chapters when I read them…………I felt like I had more to say. But I guess not.

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