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‘Eda’s Requiem’ Gave Us A Powerful Look at Eda’s Past

The Owl House S2 Episode 7-Younger Eda and Raine

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 7

It goes without saying, but The Owl House is one of the best cartoons currently airing on TV. The character’s are great, the world’s imaginative, and it’s got great talent behind it. In addition, it made Disney history with Luz being its first bisexual lead. Now, The Owl House’s Mouse House history again. This week’s episode of the show, “Eda’s Requiem,” gave us Disney’s first non-binary character, Raine Whispers. Not only that, it also gave us a glimpse into the life of Eda the Owl Lady.

How Eda Copes With Changes In Her Life

A lot has changed for Eda the Owl Lady since the show started. When she was first introduced, Eda was a relative loner and the strongest Witch on the Boiling Isles. As of now, though, she’s lost most of her power, to the point where not even the Emperor’s Coven is bothering to go after her. On the plus side, Luz has helped her open up to others more. As a result, she’s mended things with her sister and Mom, and it’s all but stated that she views Luz as a surrogate daughter. Yet as this episode shows, her newfound attachments can lead to loneliness.

Luz has made it clear that she intends to go back to Earth one day, and King’s now on a quest to find his Dad. So, this episode sees Eda naturally worried about eventually being left alone. She’ll have Hooty, but that’s about it. Thus, a chance meeting with an old acquaintance/flame leads her to team up with a group of Bards rebelling against Emperor Belos.

The Owl House S2 Episode 7-Raine Whispers
Source-Tumblr, Disney Channel

Enter Raine Whispers, the new head of the Bard Coven. While their shyness and aversion to being in front of crowds seems like the last thing you’d want in a bard, inside Raine is a fiery determination. They’ve seen part of what Belos has planned for the Day of Unity, and whatever it is, scares him. Enough that he goes with other Witches to free Wild Witches, something Eda gladly joins in.

The Story Behind Eda’s Requiem

On the surface, joining a group of rebels against Belos seems like a classic Eda move. She thinks that what Belos’ doing is wrong, and given everything we know, she’s right to think so. However, I could tell right away the real reason why Eda suddenly joins this group of rebels: to cope with her sorrow over Luz and King eventually leaving her.

Several times during the episode, Eda tries playing music on an instrument Raine may have gotten her. However, when she does, her curse/emotional state affects the magic, causing it to corrupt and destroy all it touches. That includes other magic. Implications aside, Raine thinks Eda’s Requiem could be what they need to beat the other Coven heads after they’re caught in an ambush. The two look ready to go down fighting the heads of the Abomination and Beast Coven. Yet when Raine sees Eda has King and Luz, they sacrifice themselves so that Eda can escape.

The Owl House S2 Episode 7-Eda's Requiem
Source-Disney Channel, Tumblr

By the episode’s end, Eda seems to come to terms with the fact that Luz and King may leave her one day. Fortunately, that day might not happen for a long time. More importantly, in a livestream on Penstagram, King reveals that he’s legally getting his name changed to “King Clawthorne,” making Eda cry. The moral of the story is that though people may leave to live their own lives, bonds like that of the Owl House are hard to break. Eda’s Requiem is not today.

The Darkness of The Coven System

Heartfelt moments aside, “Eda’s Requiem” also showed us how far Belos is willing to go for this “Day of Unity”. He’s hunting down wild Witches and enslaving them to the Coven System because he needs as much magic as possible for the Day of Unity. Given how it seems meant to merge the Boiling Isles with Earth, it makes sense why he needs so much magic. However, as Raine reveals, anyone who refuses to join his cause will disappear, never to be seen again. More importantly, rather than punish Raine for their rebellion, Kikimura seems to use their Coven brand to imprison them. In other words, Belos can’t afford any slip-ups.

Whatever Belos plans on the Day of Unity, it cannot be good for the Boiling Isles. Shoot, I wouldn’t be surprised if said plans involve sacrificing most of the Isles population. One way or another, Belos needs to be stopped, and Luz and Eda may be the only ones who can. I eagerly look forward to seeing where the overarching plot of the show goes from here.

Come Back for My Look at the Amphibia/The Owl House Panel

Even though COVID-19 has kept San Diego Comic Con from meeting in person two years in a row, the convention’s still going on this weekend. As with last year, SDCC’s being done through online panels. And guess what? This afternoon, we’ve got a joint panel with Amphibia and The Owl House. Come back here this evening as I give my thoughts on the panel and talk about what it went over. Or go check my friends at The Game of Nerds for their coverage of SDCC.

I Give “Eda’s Requiem” A 4/5

Stray Observations

  • That fanfic lady from the first episode came back! I wondered what happened to her!
The Owl House S2 Episode 7-Remember The Vampire Girl?
Source-Disney Channel, Tumblr
  • Those Coven heads are crazy strong. The Abomination guy could turn himself into one!
  • The Abomin-ton’s are now being used by the Emperor’s Coven as elite guards.

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  1. 1. Since you’re following the events of SDCC; did you see the “Dragon Ball Super” panel? I’m looking forward to that movie and what it’ll be doing.
    2. “King Clawthorne……..?” That actually sounds kind of Epic, doesn’t it?
    3. SO HOW ‘BOUT THAT GUY WATCHING THE PENSTAGRAM POST? He, uh…….he certainly LOOKS like King. Is he…..?
    4. I wondered if we’d see her again. I wonder how her fanfic’s going?
    5. So…….Eda essentially has ANTI Magic now, does she? I wonder how much she’s gonna hone that power; I don’t think we’ll get anything like “Black Clover” or any story that uses the concept of Anti magic, but……. it’ll certainly be interesting to see her practice with it.

  2. great observations but after explicitly stating Raine as Non-binary you misgender them multiple times! pls change to they/them

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