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‘Infested’ Makes Bad Batch Stumble When It Got Good!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 13 Review

Well, it’s official: the Bad Batch finally had an episode that I don’t give two cents about. Last week, it looked like The Bad Batch was getting ready for its endgame. Crosshair was sanctioned to hunt down his former team, so it looked like things were about to get crazy. Instead, this week sees us deal with a filler episode that just reiterates a lesson that the cast has already learned: that they need to be more open to helping people. As of now, “Infested” is my least favorite episode of the show.

Taking Back Cid’s Bar

Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 13-Villain of the Week
Source-Gizmodo, LucasFilm, Disney+

Despite Omega paying off the team’s debt to Cid, the Bad Batch continues to work for her with no explanation as to why. More than likely, it’s to pay for gear and keep the Empire off their back. However, there’s a snag to this. Out of nowhere, this upcoming crime boss takes the bar and drives Cid out. The Bad Batch doesn’t take this lying down, though, and they team up with Cid to get her bar back.

After that, the rest of the episode follows the standard formula we’ve come to expect. The Bad Batch has a mission to fulfill, Omega’s empathy powers help her connect with the guy who should be their enemy. Like I said, there’s not a lot of substance to this episode. Not even the infestation that gives the episode it’s name, “Infested”. Apparently, they have to go through a cave that’s infested with these giant moth monsters that I could barely see.

Infested Was Not Very Interesting

Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 13-Infested With Moths
Source-Den of Geek, LucasFilm, Disney+

I will completely upfront and honest: this episode was one that I could barely pay attention to. There are only three episodes left in a show that has no confirmed second season. Now should be the time when the show ramps things up and gets ready for the big finale. We should see the Empire starting to put the squeeze on the Bad Batch and Kamino, not this filler episode.

The only possible explanation I can think of is that this is the calm before the storm. After this week, we should expect the rest of the show to be a rollercoaster until the end. If that’s the case, then I might look back on this episode better. Until then, this was a very forgettable episode.

I Give “Infested” a 2/5

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7 thoughts on “‘Infested’ Makes Bad Batch Stumble When It Got Good! Leave a comment

  1. Wow…….you sound so disinterested in this episode. I know the feeling of waiting to see something big only to be shafted by some dumb @$$ filler episode. And how talking about something you don’t like can feel like a “chore.”
    Sorry this episode was such a let down.

  2. Not the best episode but I love Cid so I liked it. But I mostly think the episode was made to set up the guy who took over Cid’s place. He’s got to be coming back at some point.

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