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We Finally Learn More About the Golden Guard and Belos!

The Owl House S2 Episode 6-Hunting Palismen with Luz and the Golden Guard

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 6 Review

I know that he’s only been around for a few episodes, but I love the Golden Guard. Voiced by the talented rising star in the VA Community, Zeno Robinson, the Golden Guard quickly became one of my favorite characters in The Owl House. Considering how this series already has memorable characters, that’s saying something. Young, talented, and highly skilled, the Golden Guard serves as a great foil to both his predecessor, Lilith, and to Luz, with the show seemingly setting him up to be her new rival. However, we actually knew very little about this masked character. Until this week, that is. This week sees us gain some big insight into who the Golden Guard really is. In addition, we gain further insight into Belos’ plans for “The Day of Unity” and what his endgame is.

Also, we should note how the show has since updated its intro reflect the changes in appearance for several members of the cast. Eda has her new dress, King has his detached horn back on, and Amity’s hair is now pink. That’s attention to detail!

The Owl House S2 Episode 6 Opening With Amity's New Look
Source-Tumblr, Disney, Disney Channel

Choose Your Palismen

Immediately following the events in the Library, Luz returns to Hexside, still sorting out what happened between her and Amity. However, that soon takes a backseat as it’s Palismen choosing day at Hexside. Every Witch gets to choose a Palismen to bind with, courtesy of the Bat Queen and the ones under her care.

Surprisingly, Luz is the only one to not get a Palismen. Apparently, her lack of long-term goals beyond becoming a Witch hinders her from finding a Palismen. As a result, she spends all night trying to figure out what she wants in life. At least, until the Golden Guard shows up and nabs the Palismen so Belos can devour them.

The Owl House S2 Episode 6-Hunting Palismen with Luz and the Golden Guard
Yep. This teen is Luz’s New Rival. Source-Tumblr, Disney, Disney Channel

Due to Kikimura trying to kill GG, though, both end up crash-landing in the woods, forcing them to work together to survive. As a result, we get some insight into who the Golden Guard really is.

The Truth About the Golden Guard

The Owl House S2 Episode 6-Luz and Hunter

Firstly, it’s confirmed that the Golden Guard is around Luz’s age. That’s not really new, but it’s still nice to see. Secondly, his real name is Hunter, and according to him, Belos took him in when he was little, even calling him his nephew. Whether they’re actually blood-related is left up for debate. Lastly, though, it’s revealed that without his staff, the Golden Guard can’t use magic.

As Luz figures out, Hunter can’t perform regular magic like other Witches. He relies on artificial magic created by the staff given to him by Emperor Belos. In other words, he’s in the same boat as Luz: wanting to be a Witch but lacking the normal means to do so. Moreover, he takes an interest in Luz’s glyphs, saying they’re similar to the wild magic used from before Belos’ time.

In the end, Hunter and Luz save the Palismen from Kikimura, and Luz escapes with them as Hunter watches. However, one Palismen, a cardinal with a scar on its face, chooses to bond with Hunter for his conviction on studying wild magic. And the reasons why are made apparent.

The Owl House S2 Episode 6-Hunter With His New Palismen
Source-Tumblr, Disney, Disney Channel

Belos’ Master Plan

The Owl House S2 Episode 6-Vision of the Day of Unity
Source-Tumblr,, Disney Channel

The question of who Belos and what his plans are remain among the show’s biggest mysteries. He claims to have been chosen by the Titan as its messenger, but many fans believe this is a lie. In addition, there’s the fact that his staff, like Hunter’s, seems more mechanical than magical. Plus, he eats Palismen’s to maintain his power. With the revelation of Phillip Wittebane’s existence last episode, speculation’s grown that Belos is somehow connected to him. While this will remain speculation, the show begins to give us some answers.

The Owl House S2 Episode 6-Goopy Belos
Source-Tumblr, Disney Channel

Firstly, while we don’t know all the details, it seems that the “Day of Unity” somehow involves merging the Boiling Isles and Earth together. Which is a big deal! Secondly, we see what happens when Belos doesn’t consume the essence of Palismen. He begins to turn into this hideous, black, oozing monster. My guess is that whatever grants Belos his power is also rotting his body from the inside out. Thus, he’s resorted to using Palismens, making the material they’re made from hard to find. Additionally, the fact that Belos’ staff is similar in design to Hunter’s leads me to believe that the magic it grants him is only artificial. In other words, Belos isn’t as strong as he makes everyone believe.

Luz’s Future Palismen

The Owl House S2 Episode 6-Eda Has a Surprise
Source-Tumblr, Disney, Disney Channel

In the end, Luz remains without her Palismen. Fortunately, Eda and King manage to steal some of the wood needed to make one! Hopefully, we’ll get to see Luz with her own Palismen before the season ends!

Overall, this was another stellar episode of The Owl House. If you haven’t already, then I urge you to go watch it. The first five episodes of the new season drop on Disney+ in less than a week!


#SavetheOwlHouse Trending on Twitter

Before we go, I wanted to give a shoutout to the fans who helped get #SaveTheOwlHouse trending on Twitter yesterday. After Dana revealed that it’s too late for a full third season, fans took to Twitter and began showing their support for the show in the hopes of giving it a fourth and final season to end its story properly. Show your support for the show by tweeting #SaveTheOwlHouse and by watching it on Disney+

I Give “Hunting Palismen” a 4.5/5

Stray Observations

  • Luz is from Connecticut
  • That hat demon on Bump’s head is actually his Palismen! Who knew?
  • Hunter has a Sprig Plushie!!!
  • The Goose!!
  • The Blight’s Abominton’s are now serving as guards to Belos’ throne room
  • Luz has gotten to the point where she can draw glyphs on anything.

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  1. So his names “Hunter,” huh? And according to Belos; “Wild Magic” took their families from them. Hunter also says that he comes from a long line of Magicless Witches. NEW THEORY: Belos is Philip Wittebane, and he came here with a sibling. Philip began to desire to rule; the sibling saw the evil in him and left. A few generations of breeding later- HUNTER. Who’s to say Philip came to this world alone? He could have been the only human that they knew of……..
    The Golden Guard has become my favorite character- and it’s only episode 5. I’m looking forward to seeing his personal struggles and what he plans to do with his new Palismen. I don’t think he’ll give it to Belos- but I do think that Belos is gonna find it. That man is KIND OF “All-Seeing.” Hunter’s got another thing coming if he thinks he can hide the only thing keep Belos alive from the man himself!
    man…….I do kid of wonder what Luz will do with that wood. I kind of want to see her original concept art come into play with like a Baseball bat, but the log they got was a little to small for that. It’ll definitely be Bird-themed- keeping in line with the Clawthornes Bird Palismens. But it’s definitely gonna be curious.
    I did NOT notice the Sprig plushie!

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