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Rescues & Rebellions on Ryloth Marks This Week’s ‘Bad Batch’

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12-Hera and the Bad Batch

Last week, the Bad Batch took a surprising backseat on their show. Instead, the show focused on the origins of Hera Syndulla, a key leader in the future Rebellion against the Empire. While she and her famous father want nothing more than to lay down their blasters and embrace the so-called “peace” the Empire’s offering, events force their hand. As a result, Senator Taa of Ryloth got shot by the Empire, Hera’s parents were framed for it, and Hera had to go on the run. Which inevitably leads to her enlisting the help of the Bad Batch to free her family. Let the Rebellion begin!

There’s just one problem: the Bad Batch doesn’t want anything to do with the Rebellion.

The Bad Batch Doesn’t Want to Fight Anymore…But Omega Does

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12-Hera and Omega
Source-Dork Side of the Force, LucasFilm, Disney+

As they have made clear plenty of times during the show’s run, the Bad Batch doesn’t want to fight anymore. At least they don’t want to pick a fight with the Empire. Hunter’s primary concern is keeping Omega safe and under the radar. Considering how the Empire wants them dead and the Kaminoan’s want to use Omega to create more Clones, this seems like the most sensible decision. However, there are two problems with this mindset. Firstly, as long as the Empire’s in charge, no one is safe anywhere. Secondly, Omega can’t ignore others in need of help.

Omega’s role in the Bad Batch is two-fold. Two episodes ago, she established herself as the squad’s budding strategist. First and foremost, though, she’s the group’s empath. She’s able to connect with people in a way the others can’t and brings out the best in them. That’s a very powerful ability to have, but it can be a double-edged sword. 

Omega’s always looking to help out others, even when it’s to her possible detriment. While she does convince the Bad Batch to help free Hera’s parents (and show that she and Hera work great together), they also put themselves back on the Empire’s radar. Fed up with their constant interference, Admiral Rampart gives Crosshair permission to hunt down his old squad. 

This plot point’s somewhat hampered by the fact that we knew this moment was coming. No matter how much Hunter may want, the Bad Batch can’t hide from the Empire forever. No one can. The only way Omega will be safe is when the Empire falls.

Rebellion Begins in Full on Ryloth

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12-Captain Howzer
Source-SyFy, Disney+, LucasFilm

Those who’ve seen Star Wars: Rebels know the foregone conclusion for the Syndulla family and for Ryloth. Cham, Eleni, and Hera have to go on the run after the former two get rescued. However, and this may sound macabre, I’m a little disappointed that Eleni didn’t die this episode. It seemed like the show was setting us up for her inevitable death, cementing Cham as a fighter for Ryloth once more. That said, I have faith in Filoni and his team knowing what they’re doing.

What surprised me even more, though, we’re the actions of Captain Howzer this episode. Since Order 66 went into effect, almost all the Clone Troopers have become very robotic and less individualistic, no doubt due to the inhibitor chips. However, Howzer remained different, possessing a moral compass and only following his orders out of loyalty to his men and commanders. This episode, though, sees Howzer decide to do the right thing over following orders, and let’s the Bad Batch escape with the Syndulla’s. He then talks to his men about what they’re becoming, and how what they’re doing is wrong. He still gets arrested, but several Clones side with him.

This is a game-changing moment for the Clones. Until now, we feared that the majority of them would remain brainwashed by Order 66. However, either the effects of the Inhibitor Chips aren’t as powerful as we thought, or they’re starting to wear off. That would explain why Sidious ultimately replaced the Clones in the end. While far better soldiers than the average Stormtrooper, the Clones were still free-thinking people who could make their own decisions. Thus, Sidious saw it better to use indoctrinated conscripts, as they were easier to control.

The Endgame Begins

There are only four episodes left in The Bad Batch, and no guarantee of a second season. In other words, we’re nearing the endgame for the Bad Batch. At least I’m the timeframe of the show. I have no doubt that we’ll see more of Omega in the future, but with Crosshair now after his former squad, their future remains up in the air.

I’m personally hoping that the show will end with the Bad Batch returning to Kamino to settle things. It would be a great way to bring their journey full circle, as well as explain what happens to most of the Clone Troopers. A Clone Rebellion may be brewing on the horizon, and I look forward to seeing what happens.

I Give “Rescue on Ryloth” a 4/5

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  1. A Clone Rebellion? A Possibility. But I kind of get the feeling that that won’t end in the way you think. They might start the Cloning process, yes. But I doubt that they’ll be able to use that Army before the Empire catches wind of their scheme. And when they do; you already know who they’ll send to deal with it.
    Seeing Omega do stuff like this without the Bad Batch there is something I like to see. It makes me wonder what’ll happen to her later on in the timeline. The Bad Batch may just make it. But……..where will Omega be later?
    I wonder if Hera’s ever told anyone about Omega……

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