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General Franky vs. Triceracopter is the Most Metal Thing!

One Piece Chapter 1019 Cover

One Piece Chapter 1019 Review/Recap

So One Piece just got back from the now expected two week break between chapters. And now they’re about to go on another two week break, since next week’s the start of the Olympics. However, Oda knows what to give us to keep us psyched up until then. In this case, we see Franky’s General Franky Mecha fight a, I kid you not, Triceracopter.

The dinosaur enthusiast in me wants to roll my eyes right.

One Piece Chapter 1019 Cover
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee


One Piece Chapter 1019-MEAATT!!!
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee

On the live floor, Sanji and Queen remain locked in fierce combat even as the Minks are busy trying to heal Zoro with their medicine. Progress is slow-going, though, due to the sheer amount of bandages. Elsewhere, Luffy manages to wake up after Law’s crew saves him!

One Piece Chapter 1019-Triceracopter
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee

Inside the right brain tower, Franky’s surprised the Headliners defected to their side, but takes the chance to finish his fight with Sasaski of the Flying Six. Enraged by how things are going, Sasaki turns into his hybrid Zoan form, somehow using it to hover like a helicopter. As a result, Sasaki’s speed becomes even greater, and he starts to overwhelm the General Franky. Desperate, Franky puts everything the General Franky’s got into one last attack, wrecking the mech in the process. When even that fails, Franky’s Radical Beam finally does the Flying Six Member in.

One Piece Chapter 1019-Franky Radical Beam
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee

On the roof of the skull dome, Kaido and Yamato begin to fight in earnest. As Kaido expresses his pride in his son’s strength, Yamato berates him for how cruel a parent he is. In addition, Yamato reveals his own Devil Fruit powers, transforming into his own, beastial form. The fight is about to get even bigger!!!

One Piece Chapter 1019-Yamato's Hybrid Form
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, MangaSee


Another seems to bite the dust. That makes four of the Flying Six have been taken down by the Alliance. X Drake already defected from them, so that only leaves Black Maria left. With Brook and Robin handling her, it seems like the Flying Six’s defeat is imminent. And when they fall, that will be a huge blow to the Beast Pirates morale. Way to go, General Franky!

At the moment, though, I’m more curious about the Devil Fruit that Yamato ate. I don’t exactly recognize the creature he turned into, but I’m guessing it’s mythical. His Dad’s a dragon, so it makes sense. Hopefully, the next chapter will show Yamato’s true power. He may not win, but if he softens him up for Luffy, I’ll be happy. Who knows? Maybe Yamato will join Luffy’s crew when this is all over.

I think that Oda ended this chapter on the bed possible note. The Alliance continues to gain ground, and Luffy will soon return to the fight. I can’t wait for what comes next.

I Give “Triceracopter” a 3/5

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  1. Luffy’s up and getting ready to eat. Meaning when he comes back; he’s gonna dog the sh!t out of Kaido!!
    The Triceracopter………That’s……….Yeah; that’s kind of funny. I don’t even know how the h#ll he can do that; he doesn’t seem to be a Cyborg. So this is just……something that this man can do.
    Yamato’s Devil Fruit. It’s not the 9 Tailed Fox fruit. But it looks like it’s something that would have flowing fur like a Kitsune is depicted having. Maybe it’s a regular Snow Fox fruit? Yamato having a regular Zoan would be an interesting twists.
    Maybe next chapter will see Robin and Brook finish up their fight with Black Mariah. Or we could see Zoro get back in the battle and fight against King for a minute.

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