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Lumity B-Plot Steals the Show in New Owl House

The Owl House S2 Episode 5-Lumity Moment 2

The Owl House, Season 2, Episode 5 Review

When people are creating a work of fiction that goes for an extended length of time, they tend to add in a b-plot to balance things out. When it comes to the format of a half-hour show, that usually involves one or more characters doing something concurrent to the main plot. However, sometimes the b-plot of a show can end up overshadowing the main plot. In this case, this week’s episode of The Owl House was meant to focus on Gus. Instead, everyone’s attention was drawn to the b-plot of Luz and Amity. More Lumity coming our way.

Gus Tries to Take Center Stage

Gus Porter is supposed to be among the main supporting cast of the show, and for good reason. He’s young, spirited, and fascinated by humanity, making him perfect to be Luz’s friend. However, we’ve also seen that being younger than his friends leaves with major insecurities. And, like many young people, this leads him to mess up. This week, his hang-up’s over how useless he thinks illusion magic is lead him to hang out with a group of kids from Hexside’s rival, Glandus High. Which, if you’ll recall, is where Matthomule transferred from.

Joining them on their quest to find these magic stones that can boost their powers, Gus resorts to using Luz’s glyphs to impress the others. It works, but Matthomule sees right through him. Then, when it’s revealed that the stones are kept in an illusionists graveyard and guarded by an illusionist, Gus realizes he can’t go through with this. However, he’s quickly overpowered by the other students, who mock him for his apparent uselessness.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Naruto, a series where characters can create illusions so real they can leave a person mentally damaged, but I already know that illusions aren’t useless. When used by someone with a powerful imagination, illusion spells can be unbelievably powerful. Powerful enough to fool the five senses. In this case, Gus uses the full extent of his power to scare the other students off, impressing the guardian and Matthomule. As a result, the two end up becoming closer together.

Speaking of which.

Lumity is Love, Lumity is Life!

As I explained before, the big draw to this episode was the b-plot with Lumity. Thanks to Gwen’s intel, Luz starts looking for the human who once lived in Bonesborough. The good news: Amity gets her into the restricted section where the human’s journal is. The bad news: Luz and Amity are both distracted by each other.

The Owl House S2 Episode 5-Lumity Moment 1
Source-Tumblr, Disney

We’ve known since Grom that Amity has fallen for Luz. Ever since “Escaping Expulsion”, it looks like Luz has started developing feelings for Amity. Thus, the two can barely look at each other without becoming a blushing mess!

I absolutely adored seeing these two girls acting like this! It shows just how far their relationship has come since they first met, and demonstrates how important they’ve become to each other. When Luz talks about what her world’s like, she doesn’t hesitate to offer to let Amity come visit Earth with her.

The Owl House S2 Episode 5-Lumity Moment 5
Source-Tumblr, Disney

In the end, the duo don’t find the journal due to it being destroyed, but they do find a rat that can project the contents of whatever it eats. From it, they learn a little more about the human who once lived on the Boiling Isles and donated his journal to the library.

And it doesn’t go unnoticed that this man looks a lot like Belos with his hair visible.

The Owl House S2 Episode 5-Phillip Witterbane
Source-Tumblr, Disney

The Big Dang Kiss

The episode ends with another important step in Luz and Amity’s relationship. Firstly, Amity changes her hairstyle from the dyed green we’ve seen her with to a shorter, pink version. It’s a very symbolic moment for Amity, showing that she’s done being her Mom’s puppet. Oh, and she kisses Luz on the cheek.

The Owl House S2 Episode 5-Lumity Moment 8
Source-Tumblr, Disney

THAT’S RIGHT! AMITY KISSED LUZ ON THE CHEEK, PEOPLE!! I practically squealed with joy at this sight, as it all but confirms that the two will become an item before the show’s out. It does, however, leave the two embarrassed wrecks.

The Owl House S2 Episode 5-Lumity Moment 9
Source-Tumblr, Disney

I have no idea if these two will even work out as a couple, but I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

The A & B Plots Should’ve Been Swapped.

I don’t, in any way, think that this was a bad episode. I actually loved it. However, I think that by making the library exploration the b-plot, it ended up undermining Gus’ story. I looked on Tumblr, and all people would talk about was Lumity.

Had this episode made it clear that Luz and Amity were the main focus, I think I would’ve been fine with things. However, it didn’t, and the episode suffers a little thanks to that. Unless what Gus did plays a bigger role in the future, I doubt I will remember it that well. Sorry, Gus.

I Give “Through the Looking Glass Ruins” A 3.5/5. Lowered due to B-Plot Overshadowing A-Plot

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4 thoughts on “Lumity B-Plot Steals the Show in New Owl House Leave a comment

  1. There ARE times where the B Plot is much more interesting. I feel like it’ll be an important later on- like when they fight against the Emperor(they could go back and get those stones to help), but……not really all that much.
    LUMITY. YEAH. You know I saw a lot of that coming? What I DIDN’T see coming was Amity finding it in her to make the first move. Props to her, I guess!
    yeah- It’s Belos. It’s obviously Belos. It’s so RIDICULOUSLY Belos. But it’s like the “Creepy Luz” and :Who Cursed Eda” thing all over again. If we look too much into it; we find out it was the obvious suspect. But if we dismiss it- we might get pulled in for a “Bait And Switch.” I still think it’s Belos, but I’ll be on the lookout for really good, solid theories………
    Something Curious: We did NOT see Eda or King physically appear in this episode? Like; it’s just kind of………not “weird,” but I guess it’s something noteworthy.

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