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Weisz Kicks it into Overdrive, and Makes Iron Man Proud

Edens Zero Chapter 150-Weisz Overdrive

Edens Zero Chapter 150 Review/Recap

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you guys this, but I think that Weisz’s superhero alter ego, Arsenal, reminds me a lot of Iron Man. Think about it: Weisz and Tony Stark are both mechanical geniuses and playboys; albeit Tony has more luck with women than Weisz does. They both continually upgrade their armor to help them fight evil. And, in the most recent example, they fight enemies using giant mech suits. Weisz kicks it into Overdrive in his fight against Nasseh, and he would make Iron Man proud!

Edens Zero Chapter 150-Weisz Overdrive
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


Edens Zero Chapter 150-Rebecca Freaks Out
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Picking up in the future, Rebecca goes into shock when she learns that the worst possible future has her in a coma and missing her legs. Thankfully, future Shiki comforts her, and then he and Noah try to warn her of how this future came to pass. However, before they can, Rebecca’s pulled back to the present…and finds herself in a bunny girl outfit and about to fight Lyra in front of a live audience.

Meanwhile, Weisz puts his newest Arsenal armor to the test as he fights against Nasseh of the Ocean’s Six. The two armored warriors don’t hold anything back as they tear apart the area. At first, it looks like Nasseh has Weisz on the ropes. Fortunately, Nasseh doesn’t know that Weisz’s Ether Gear lets him control machines. He uses that to wreck Nasseh’s toy. And to rub salt in the wound, Weisz reveals that he used his Ether Gear to set up jammers to cancel out Nasseh’s Gear. Weisz then proceeds to wreck Nasseh, and seemingly enters Overdrive mode.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 150-Weisz Rekts Nasseh
  • Edens Zero Chapter 150-Million Bullets


Holy cow, that marks the second time this arc where one of the heroes seemed to enter Overdrive mode. It looks like all that training they put in paid off!

In all honesty, we should’ve known that Weisz was going to win this fight the moment that Nasseh decided to make it a battle between mech-suits. Weisz was only stalling him long enough to set up the jammers, giving him the chance to win. That marks two of the Ocean’s Six down now, and three more to go.

However, it looks like the next fight’s going to be pitting Rebecca against Lyra; and it’s going to be broadcast live for everyone to see. And Rebecca’s in a bunny girl outfit. At least this could improve her popularity as a B-Cuber.

Joking aside, what little Rebecca heard from Future Shiki is enough to cause concern. Whatever took her leg’s in the future left her in a coma and left everyone on the Edens Zero dead except for her and Shiki. But if anyone can stop that from happening, it’s Rebecca. Also, she admitted that future Shiki was hot. Mashima, you better let Rebecca and Shiki start dating before the series ends!

Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

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2 thoughts on “Weisz Kicks it into Overdrive, and Makes Iron Man Proud Leave a comment

  1. SHICCA INTENSIFIES. But I kind of wish I had waited for this chapter before I put out my post explaining Overdrive. Because it seems like Weisz’ is unique due to his Ether Gear. Where as Shiki and Homura gain clothing and things like horns and a tail respectively. But in WEISZ’ case; it seems like it “merges” him with his Arsenal armor to create something cool.
    Also; his transformation is this chapter is VISUALLY incomplete. According to Doc on twitter; Mashima made a last minute change to the chapter that saw Weisz gaining a Black pattern over his left side that was similar to Gray’s Demon Slayer power in “Fairy Tail.” It’s basically a dead ringer for Gray- to the point that I KIND OF wish he didn’t do that. I REALLY HATE IT when EZ Haters use Similar Character designs as a reason why the series is “Bad.” It’s annoying.
    But yeah; this should be changed when the volume releases.

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