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Finding Common Ground is A Great Way to Make Allies

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 10 Cover

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 10 Review

Whatever happened to the Separatist’s after the Clone Wars ended? We saw Anakin slaughter the high command on Mustafar, but what about everyone else? What happened to the other people who supported the Separatists? In the old Expanded Universe, many of them went into hiding, died, or moved on. However, a few holdouts went on to join the rebellion against the Empire. And in this week’s episode of The Bad Batch, we get to see one such holdout join the infant rebellion. However, first the Bad Batch has to come to terms with their past and find common ground with a former enemy.

Finding Common Ground With Former Enemies

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 10-The Empire Tightens its Grip
Source-Disney+, LucasFilm

The episode opens on Raxus, which Clone Wars fans will remember served as the Separatist capital during the war. Now, it’s under the boot of the Empire, and despite their claims of being there to help unite the Galaxy, no one buys what they’re selling. Least of all Avi Singh, a Separatist Senator voiced by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine alumni Alex Siddig. The Empire wants him to convince everyone to back the new regime. Instead, he speaks out against them, and gets arrested. Even if he wasn’t part of the Separatists, this means he’s screwed. However, his faithful droid gets a message out to Cid to rescue him. Thus, Cid sends in the Bad Batch, minus Omega, who’s stuck at the bar to keep her safe.

The Bad Batch makes it clear that they don’t like helping out someone who, not long ago, was considered the enemy. Echo, in particular, is very vocal about his distrust. Considering how his original squad died fighting the droid army, though, that’s to be expected. As a result, several members of the squad spend the entire episode trying to trust Senator Singh, thinking that he’s going to leave them to dry first chance he gets. Thankfully, not only does he refuse to do that, but he plays a big role in their escape. By the end of the episode, the Bad Batch realizes that they can’t let their old grudges stop them from seeing the bigger picture.

We All Hate the Empire

We know that the higher-ups of the Separatists were evil. Dooku was evil, Gunray was a slimeball, and Grevious was a hate-filled cyborg monstrosity. However, when it comes down to it, the Separatists were all pawns of the Sith. The regular people who backed them thinking it was the right thing to do were played like chumps, just like everyone in the Republic. In other words, both sides have common ground on something: hating the Empire.

The birth of the Rebel Alliance is still a long ways off, but the seeds to it are already taking root. We see them in Rex’s new mission, the Martez sisters, and in the former Separatists. This is a pivotal period in Star Wars, and it’s nice to see former enemies bonding over their shared hatred of an evil regime.

Omega The Strategist

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 10-Omega's Strategic Skill
Source-Disney+, LucasFilm

As everything’s happening on Raxus, Omega’s left moping and feeling sorry for herself. As good as she’s getting, she still doesn’t know how to make herself useful to her adoptive family. That’s when Cid discovers another hidden talent to her: strategy. Even though she’s never played the game before, Omega proves to be a natural at Dejarik, AKA Star Wars chess. She’s so good, Cid has her play people for money and she wins every game. In the end, Omega single-handedly wipes out the Bad Batch’s debt.

This is big for the Bad Batch. Not only does this mean that they don’t have to work for Cid unless they want to, it hints at what Omega’s true role may be for the squad. Some may argue that being good at a chess-like game doesn’t mean someone’s great at strategy. However, in this case, I think it does mean that. The ability to analyze every possible move and outcome is one of the most valuable skills a person can have. And if Omega has this in spades, it means that she can help her family get the upper hand on the Empire.

I’m just saying.

A Nice Break

Some people may be upset that this episode doesn’t do anything to advance the overall plot of the series. They want to see more of the squad running from the Empire or taking the fight to Crosshair. However, without these self-contained adventures to keep a story grounded, then viewers will quickly find themselves drained by excitement of what’s going on. In other words, sometimes it’s best to take things slow.

The Bad Batch still has six weeks left to it. That can be more than enough time to continue the overall story. I’m perfectly willing to wait on it.

I Give “Common Ground” a 3/5

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  1. “The Enemy Of My Enemy is My Friend-” I’ve always liked that idea. That said; I feel like that isn’t always the case. Just because you share a common enemy; that does not mean that you should trust them fully. Perhaps they’re using this as a “means to an end” and gain control of the Galaxy for themselves. Though in this case; I suppose not……..right?
    Omega being a Master Tactician will certainly come in handy. But more than just that: Whatever plans she makes for the Bad Batch will be both effective- and possibly kind of juvenile. She’s still an kid , first and foremost.
    On the bright side: Their debts all gone!! All good things.

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