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The Liberation War Brews on the Horizon

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 14 Opening

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 14 Review

Since the end of last week’s episode, I’ve heard more than a few fans complain about the way that the season of My Hero Academia is playing out. In the manga, the Joint Training Arc was followed by an arc focused solely on the villains of the series. However, the show’s taken a different route. It’s focusing on the Endeavor Agency Arc first, then moving to the villains arc while hinting at the liberation going on in the background. I can understand why they’re doing this, at least. They want to save the best for last for this season. That way, when we get to Season Six, they can focus entirely on the biggest arc to date.

At least we’ve got a new opening, though.

Source-Hulu, Funimation, Shonen Jump

A Slow Breather Episode

At the end of the Christmas party last episode, Shoto gave Deku and Bakugo a big opportunity to study with him under his Dad, Endeavor! The three strongest heroes of Class 1-A studying on the number one Hero. That’s a recipe for epicness waiting to happen. And it leaves us getting to watching the four of them take down a delusional villain who can control glass in the process.

However, the plot with the students isn’t the big draw to the episode. Rather, it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that’s got everyone’s attention. While anime-only fans will have to wait a little bit, those who read the manga will know what the plot revolving around Hawks is about. And it’s going to be big. And what’s worse is that Hawks can’t let the other heroes know since he can’t blow his cover. However, that doesn’t stop him from giving Endeavor a warning in the form of a coded message inside a book.

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 14-Meta Liberation Army
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Okay, to be honest, it’s hard to talk about this episode without spoiling what happened in the villain arc that’s coming up. But that message to Endeavor about the enemy being liberation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Someday, very soon, a battle will be fought that will shake the world of heroes to its core.

Until then, though, there’s not that much to enjoy about this episode on its own. When the season is over and we look back on it, there will be more to enjoy. For now, though, there isn’t a lot I can say without spoilers. Sorry, guys. Hopefully, the next episode can GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!

Source-Hulu, Funimation, Shonen Jump
My Hero Academia S5 Episode 15 Preview
Source-Hulu, Funimation, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

I Give “Off to Endeavor’s Agency” a 3/5

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  1. I understand why they did it: The events of this arc are going to tie into the movie. And they wanted THAT stuff to come out before the movie to avoid spoilers. I GET that. But I can’t stand the fact that they’re teasing stuff from the arc BEFORE this. Like; now it’s gonna look like it’s a “flashback arc-” rather than what it’s supposed to be. It’ll feel like an “explainer” rather than an arc unto itself. And my brother already wasn’t keen on the idea of that arc.
    I’m not even all that mad that they rearranged the order of events. Just……kind of sad and disappointed. I understand- but it still hurts.

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