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The Truth About Omega! What Fans Suspected Was True!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 9-Omega Must Escape from Bane and T0-D0

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 9 Review

When we first met Omega and learned that she was a special clone, fans began to come up with all sorts of theories. The leading theory being that she’s the last genetically pure clone made from Jango Fett’s DNA. With The Bad Batch now past the halfway point, the show’s begun to ramp up on the action and lore dumping, and its in this ninth episode that we get some big revelations. That, and we get to see just how tough Omega really is, even by herself.

Boba is the Alpha, Omega is the…Omega

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 9-Amazing Background
Source-LucasFilm, Disney+

It’s common knowledge that, besides the massive payment he got for using his DNA as the basis for the Clone Army, Jango Fett wanted one other thing: an unaltered clone to raise as his son. That clone became Boba Fett, who would grow up to surpass his father as the best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy. In this episode, though, it’s revealed that Boba’s original designation was Alpha. In the Greek alphabet, Alpha is the first letter. In contrast, Omega is the last letter. Boba’s the first, and Omega is the last.

Besides the symbolism behind it, Omega’s name becomes doubly important as of this episode. While trying to locate Omega, Tech reveals that she’s the last, pure source of Jango Fett’s DNA. In other words, she’s the key to them creating any more Clone Troopers. Admittedly, though, it’s not that big a bombshell when most of the fans already put two and two together. Still, it’s entertaining to see that we were right about her. In addition, this makes Omega Jango Fett’s daughter, and thus Boba Fett’s genetic sister. That leads to a lot of possibilities in the future.

Everyone Wants Omega

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 9-Standoff 2, the Revenge
Source-LucasFilm, Disney+

The Kaminoan’s have proven several times that they’re desperate to get Omega back solely so they can create more Clones and remain valuable to the Empire. Beyond that, their leader, Lama Su, has stated that he doesn’t care if she dies. Which, of course, makes her capture and attempted escape from Cad Bane all the more high-stakes.

Some people might expect Omega to end up being completely helpless and unable to do much against Bane. However, it appears that her experiences with the Bad Batch have taught her very well. As Bane takes her to an abandoned Kaminoan city on another planet, Omega manages to escape not just from Bane, but from Fennec Shand. As the two bounty hunters engage in a blaster fight that would make Red Dead Redemption fans jealous, Omega’s able to get to safety, allowing her to be rescued by the Bad Batch.

The message behind this episode is clear: Omega may still be young, but she’s already turning into a formidable fighter. Given enough time, she may end up rivaling that of her genetic brother, Boba Fett, in skill.

Fennec is Trying to Protect Omega

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 9-Nala Se
Source-LucasFilm, Disney+

As for Fennec Shand, this episode reveals that, while she was working for the Kaminoan’s , she wasn’t doing it in the way most expected. Nala Se, the scientist that served as Omega’s mentor and helped the Bad Batch escape, is the one who hired her to keep her safe. As a result, this puts all of her previous actions into a new light. Was Fennec trying to take Omega before because she thought she would be safer with her? Or was that because she was paid to bring her back?

The fact remains, at the time this show takes place, Omega may be the most important being in the Galaxy. And the fight for her future is far from over. I don’t know how this show will end, but I am looking forward to seeing more Omega in the future. She’s got a lot of potential, and I hate to see it wasted!

I Give “Bounty Lost” a 4/5

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  1. The only fan theory I’ve ever heard about Omega was that she a Force Sensitive Clone made with Grogu’s DNA. It went that when the Empire took some of Grogu’s blood in “The Mandalorian;” they mixed his Midochlorian count into a clone- creating Omega. And SHE would grow up to be Rey’s mother in the sequel trilogy that Disney seems to want to avoid. But her being a pure clone- that’s fine.
    Fennec Shand being hired to protect Omega is a fine twist. And the battle against Cad Bane sound like it’s interesting. I wonder what other Bounty Hunters are gonna come after her………

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