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The Eye of Horus Messes With All!

Edens Zero Chapter 148 Cover

Edens Zero Chapter 148

The more I read Edens Zero, the more I find myself being reminded of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Think about it. A lot of the Ether Gear used by people can be on the bizarre side. Laguna can turn people into water when they cry. Milani of the Ocean’s 6 has that mirror world gear. And now we have Nasseh with his Ether Gear, the Eye of Horus. Which can somehow hypnotize people into acting however he wants. The Eye of Horus may end up being the gang’s toughest challenge yet.

Also, I was wrong about my theory of the Eye of Horus not affecting machines, as you’ll soon see.

Edens Zero Chapter 148 Cover
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Following a title shift which sees Shiki arrive at the tunnels where the others are, the chapter shifts back to the massive space battle overhead. While both sides seem evenly matched, Shura’s ranks are bolstered by the ten thousand ships he had hiding on Shura 66!

Edens Zero Chapter 148-A Lot of Enemies
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

This almost swings the fight in Shura’s favor, until Justice and his fleet of ships come in clutch to save the day. Justice alone manages to wipe out scores of enemy ships, turning the tide back in the Government and Oasis’ favor

Edens Zero Chapter 148-Justice Comes Charging In
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Back in the tunnels, Pino, Happy, and Moscoy are at a loss as to how Nasseh’s controlling Rebecca and Weisz and not them. Moscoy gambles on it because his Eye of Horus doesn’t work on machines and goes on the attack. However, he gets his ass kicked, prompting Nasseh to reveal the truth. His Eye of Horus does work on machines, it just takes longer. So, Pino uses her EMP to cancel out his Ether Gear, snapping the others back to normal. However, Nasseh then turns his attention to the machines. As a result, the group’s back as square one. This time, though, it’s Rebecca and Weisz at Nasseh’s mercy.

Edens Zero Chapter 148-The Eye of Horus' Power
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Like I said, the Eye of Horus Ether Gear reminds me a lot of one of the Stands from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s bizarre, and it’s going to require some finesse in order to beat. That’s normally not my cup of tea, but JoJo has taught me to appreciate these kinds of fights.

On their own, Rebecca and Weisz aren’t exactly the strongest members of Edens Zero, but they have a lot of potential to become that. But if they want to beat Nasseh, they’ll need to push themselves harder than ever. But I have faith that they can.

As far as chapters go, I’d say that this was pretty decent. Not the best chapter, but not the worst, either.

I Give “Eye of Horus” a 3/5

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  1. I may have already said it, but I feel like Homura got Overdrive during the training with Xenolith. The way she used it was just so natural and a little “uneventful-” like it was a reveal rather than an big achievement. It made me wonder how far the other members came. For Weisz- I imagine he’s now around the same level of Overdrive that Shiki was when he fought that fake Elsie. Rebecca- close, but not quite there.
    The next chapter is going to be them finding out the conditions for the Ether Gear to take effect. And THEN they kick his @$$. Though, based on him 1-Kicking a Sumo like Mosco; he clearly isn’t as physically weak as he looks.
    Shiki’s arrival at these tunnels + Lyra wanting to “join in the fun” = Shiki vs Lyra at some point in the near future. Which will be interesting. Her ability “Gamble Rush” allows her attack power to grow with each “roll-” even numbers are good, while an odd number like 3 causes a “short circuit” in her electricity, and 11 causes recoil damage. I curious to see how Shiki deals with something like that.
    Justice is here; Shiki is here; ERASER is here; Goodwin’s here; Jaguar is on his way; ZIGGY is probably watching for when to make his move; ELSIE’S in hot pursuit of him; SHURA. With all these factions here; it makes me wonder if the aftermath segment is gonna be the usual “Peaceful Recap” or if these groups are gonna have a whole bunch of FRICTION.
    Justice doesn’t like Elsie or Shiki, and by his logic- Goodwin, either. Eraser strikes me as a little bit “chaotic” so who KNOWS what he’ll do. Goodwin was willing to work with Eraser because of the situation, but considering the Governments done nothing about Nero; I can’t imagine he’s keen on any of them. The end of this arc is gonna be INTERESTING to say that least.

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