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My Hero Academia Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 13 Title Card

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 13 Review

I know that Christmas in the Summertime is a thing, but I completely forgot the fact that the world of My Hero Academia has reached the Christmas season. It’s weird to see the anime celebrate the holiday when we’re about to head into Summer, but beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, those who’ve read the manga know that this is going to be one of the last happy moments that the young heroes will have for a long time.

The Coming Storm Grows Amidst the Holidays

With the end of the Joint Training Session, life at UA High returns to their concept of normality. However, the first signs of trouble are already brewing in the background. The public is pushing for the Pro Heroes to become more active in light of recent events. As a result, UA decides to reinstate the work study program and make everyone in the Hero Course take part.

The Public Safety Commission that’s in charge of all the Pro Heroes claims this move is to give the next generation of heroes real-life experience. However, the staff at UA High sees it for what it is. The government’s doing this to draft the next generation of heroes to fight the rising tide of heroes. While there’s no doubt that most, if not all, of the heroes in training are capable, it doesn’t make it any less right. They’re putting them in harm’s way before they’re potentially ready. In addition, this measure shows something that they shouldn’t be showing: the good guys are getting desperate.

For now, though, life goes on as normal. And the students of UA celebrate Christmas together.

The Importance of Happiness in Dark Times

Some people may be thinking “Why are the heroes celebrating Christmas when things are getting so bad?” Truthfully, it’s in dark times that people need to celebrate holidays the most.

It’s a psychological thing. When people are faced with crisis after constant crisis, then eventually, they’ll end up breaking and give into despair. Holidays like Christmas help people forget their woes and mentally recharge themselves. And after everything that Deku and his friends have gone through, they need this.

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 13-Santa Eri
Source-Hulu, Shonen Jump, Funimation

Also, there’s the fact that we get to see Eri dressed like Santa. Seeing her confusing the holidays up since she’s never been able to celebrate them is the absolute cutest thing imaginable!

Dark Forces At Work

While the heroes are celebrating the holidays, though, the villains are up to big stuff. This never happened in the manga, but the anime gives us a glimpse at what’s happening to Shigaraki amidst everything that’s happening. HE LEVELS AN ENTIRE CITY WHILE LAUGHING LIKE A MANIAC!!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 13-Bloody and Laughing Shigaraki
Source-Hulu, Shonen Jump, Funimation

While some may criticize the anime for jumping between arcs out of order, I thought that this was a good framing device. When the time come to show what the League of Villains has done, it’s going to make fans freak out.

In the meantime, though, the young heroes are about to resume their work studies, and Shoto makes Deku and Bakugo an offer they can’t refuse: the chance to work under Endeavor. The three strongest students of Class 1-A working together under the number one hero? It’s a dream come true for the fans. And while some will want to skip straight to the villains, trust me when I say that this will make everything worth it. GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 14 Preview
Source-Hulu, Shonen Jump, Funimation

I Give “Have a Merry Christmas” a 3/5

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    2)I’m kind of upset that they’re telling all of this out of order- I feel like an adaptation should stick as close to the source material as possible. Now a scene or 2 can be added or removed when it’s unimportant, and I didn’t mind the format that went with for the Final Exams in season 2. But THIS- I was looking forward to seeing the Villains tear sh!t up in the best way possible!! So seeing them do something like this is a little bit upsetting. That said; I feel like they’re gonna try to end this season with the end of that arc, and the next season can pick up with………..the end of the Endeavor Agency arc, leading into the IMMACULATE War arc. Sh!t; I HOPE that’s what they’re doing. Cause if it’s not……….there’s truly no point in this.
    3)TOMURA SHIGARAKI- The Symbol Of Terror Is About To Descend Upon Us Lesser Beings. BE. PREPARED………

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