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Amity Stands up to Her Parents and It’s Glorious!

The Owl House S2 Episode 2-Amity "Stay Away from My Luz"

The Owl House Season Two, Episode 2 Review

Remember the Season One episode “Understanding Willow,” and how it confirmed that Amity Blight has the worst parents on the Boiling Isles? It was at that moment that the fandom wanted nothing more than to tell Mr. and Mrs. Blight where to shove it. Then everyone went bonkers over Lumity, and the thing with Emperor Belos, and Amity’s awful parents were forgotten. However, that changes this week as Mr. and Mrs. Blight threaten to tear Amity away from her friends forever.

Amity’s Mom’s a Bitch

The Owl House S2 Episode 2-Odalia and Alador Blight, Parents of Amity Blight
Source-DisneyNOW, Disney Channel

Ever since Amity started hanging out with Willow, Gus, and Luz, she’s been letting her grades slip. At least from her Mom’s perspective More importantly, though, she’s starting to resist her parents. And for a sociopathic control freak like Mrs. Blight, that’s unacceptable. So she does something drastic: she uses her clout to get Luz, Gus, and Willow expelled from Hexside.

We already knew that Amity’s parents were terrible people, but this episode is what cements who they are as characters. Despite prior evidence, it’s revealed that Amity’s Dad isn’t directly abusive. Rather, he’s merely so focused on his work developing Abominations that he neglects his children. In addition, he goes with whatever his wife says.

Amity’s Mom is an Alpha Bitch and she makes no attempts to hide it. From pressuring Hexside into expelling Luz and the others on grounds that even Bump finds flimsy to intimidating Amity into not standing up for her friends, it’s made clear that she’s a horrible woman. What makes things worse is the fact that she manipulates Luz into becoming a test dummy with the false promise of letting her friends back in Hexside.

This does not go well.

Amity Blight Defies Her Mom

The Owl House S2 Episode 2-Amity Defies Her Mom
Source-DisneyNOW, Disney Channel

Amity Blight is likely the most dynamic character in The Owl House. When we first met her, she was a miniature version of her mom. However, thanks to repeated encounters with Luz, Amity managed to grow as a person and learn that she doesn’t have to act tough all the time. And, I’m the moment that set the Internet ablaze with love, she fell for Luz. In other words, she’s come a long way, but she still has one more step to take. Amity has to stand up to her abusive Mom.

The Owl House S2 Episode 2-Lumity Blush
We’re closer to Lumity being a thing!!!; Source-DisneyNOW, Disney Channel

And the moment that Amity does, she does it in the best way possible. Coming in to save Luz (who she doesn’t hesitate to call “My Luz”) from an overpowered Abomination, Amity makes it clear to her Mom that she can’t control her anymore. It’s a truly empowering moment for her character, and it also doubles as a touching Lumity moment. Faced with the prospect of public humiliation, Mrs. Blight has no choice but to allow Luz, Willow and Gus back in Hexside. However, given how much of a control freak Mrs. Blight is, this won’t be the end of things. She may very well continue to try to find ways to get rid of Luz.

The Clawthorne Sisters Learn Some Valuable Lessons

The Owl House S2 Episode 2-Eda Refuses to Follow the Rules
Source-DisneyNOW, Disney Channel

As all of this is going on, Eda and Lilith begin their study of glyph magic in earnest. Lilith takes to it effortlessly, while the more free-spirited Eda struggles. As a result, this episode sees Eda’s pride dealt a heavy blow.

Eda has never been one to follow rules. It’s part of the reason why she became the most powerful Witch in the Boiling Isles. However, as her rebellious attempts to prove her way is still right backfire, it only serves to embarrass her even more.

One of the themes of this season seems to be the fallout of Eda and Lilith’s shared curse and how it affects both of them. It’s much like a person now coping with a disability trying to find a new sense of self-worth. But thanks to some encouragement from Lilith, Eda manages to get past this stumbling block. And in the process, the two make some interesting discoveries.

Firstly, they discover that by combining glyphs together, they get different results. For example, multiple glyphs of the same type, they become stronger. Combine different glyphs in certain ways, they create new, original magic. In other words, this opens the door for the Owl House residents to unlock even more powerful spells. With the Emperor’s Coven tightening it’s grip on the Boiling Isles, they will need all the power they can get.

A Great Episode for Amity

Amity Blight has consistently proven to be my favorite character in The Owl House, and this episode caps off just how much she’s developed. First she was a rival, then a reluctant friend, and now, she and Luz are closer to becoming a couple than ever! As the second season of the show gets underway, I’m hoping for even more Lumity. And I want to see Mrs. Blight get knocked down a few more pegs.

I Give “Escaping Expulsion” a 4/5

Stray Observations

  • Notice how Gus’ voice sounds deeper?
  • Principal Bump misses Luz, Gus, and Willow being around to discipline! How sweet!!
  • Notice the Amphibia Reference?

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  1. Luz discussing how you can modify glyphs to do specific things, combined with what the Clawthornes found out- it’s starting to remind me of the current state of “Black Clover’s” magic system.
    Seeing Bump distraught over those 3 leaving Hexside- that was a little bit weird in my mind. Until I remembered when he let Luz take every course at Hexside- how much Luz reminds him of Eda. It’s just nice to know that he cares.
    During the Post Finale AMA Dana Terrace and the crew did after season 1; Dana was asked for 2 truths and a lie. “Hooty Leaving The Owl House.” Based on the teaser trailers; we know that’s true. “Gus Gets A Growth Spurt.” This episode shows us that that’s true. So I guess the lie was “Camelia’s Gonna Fight Somebody.”
    Eda accidentally made a giant blob of molasses. She might actually be able to use that for pranks later on- or Luz could use it when she faces Belos again.
    Belos took the Blight’s new Abomination Weapons………..I wonder what the plan is for them? Does it have anything to do with the fabled “Day Of Unity?”

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