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Powerful Emotions Rampant in new Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 147 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 147 Review/Recap

Emotions can be a very powerful tool. When one learns to channel their emotions properly, they can find themselves achieving things that would otherwise be impossible. If you’re a Shonen protagonist, strong emotions can lead to unlocking a new level of power, and thus, beating the snot out of villains. However, they can also impede one’s progress. In this case, Shura and the Oceans 6 start using the heroes emotions against them.

Edens Zero Chapter 147 Cover Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 147-Shiki's Emotions Get the Better of Him
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

After finding Hermit and Sister mauled by Shura, Shiki, Jinn, and Couchpo rush them to the infirmary. Thankfully, Couchpo says that they’ll be fine. However, Shura has taken Witch back to his headquarters inside the dome as bait for Shiki. Shiki’s first instinct is to rush after her, though everyone else urges him not to. Shiki even snaps at them over it, forcing Couchpo to call him out on it. Now reined in, Shiki agrees to go meet with the others below the base.

Edens Zero Chapter 147-Shura Tortures Witch
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Meanwhile, Shura’s sadistically torturing Witch and saying how he’s going to beat Ziggy for messing with his cosmos.

Edens Zero Chapter 147-Weisz and Rebecca Breakdown
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Down below, the others have eluded Milani, but then Weisz and Rebecca start acting very emotional. As Mocoy, Pino, and Happy watch, they’re approached by another member of the Oceans 6, Nasseh. The Oceans 6 member’s using his Ether Gear to mess with the others emotions. Worse, another member of the Oceans 6, Lyra, decides to make her own move.


Like I said, emotions can be a powerful tool, both for us and against us. My guess is that if Shiki had rushed off after him, he would be playing into Shura’s hands. He wants him to do something reckless and get captured or killed. It would be a repeat of the first half of the Belial Gore Arc, and I do not want to relive that! As painful as it is to see Shura torture Witch (and I know a friend who be livid over him touching her boobs), Shiki must restrain himself. Witch won’t break so easily.

The big problem at the moment is Nasseh. From what I can gather, he’s able to use Ether to mess with other people’s Ether. Thus, he can affect their emotional states, hence why Rebecca and Weisz are acting the way they are. It must not work on cyborgs or machines, though, so if Pino, Happy, and Moscoy combine their skills, they might have a chance of winning. Or at least snapping the other two out of it.

Yeah, this manga seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but I love it. Hopefully, we’ll see why the heroes emotions are being messed with next episode.

I Give “Rage, Fear, and Grief” a 3.5/5

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  1. I’m Never Gonna Forgive Shura for this- I just want you to know that. Mashima can pull whatever he wants with Shura’s character development- I’MMA HATE EM 4 LIFE.
    Nasseh is also and Ether Gear Contest Winner. He has the ability to mess with people’s memories. I have a post talking about them all- you should check it out. They’re all really interesting!
    And yeah; he might not be able to affect machines. So all Pino has to do is blast him with her EMP and all of this should stop…….I think. Knowing stories; it’s NEVER that simple(unless it’s for a gag scene).
    Seeing Shiki lose his cool like that reminded me of when Haru lost his cool while trying to save Musica and the others from Demon Card’s under sea base. I immediately got flashbacks to that, and to when Luffy almost lost his cool while arguing with Usopp about the Going Merry. “The Burden Of Leadership” I guess is the central theme there.
    Part of me thinks that Shiki’s actually going to calm down and think this one through- the other feels like we’re going to see his “Demon King” show itself and go after Shura on his own. We didn’t see his face- which is more about how ashamed of himself he was in that moment. But I also feel like he’s about to do something…….something “unbecoming of a leader.”
    So…….THAT’S Couchpo’s real name? Well……..huh.

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