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DayJune 12, 2021

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 12 Cover

My Hero Academia’s Come Such a Long Way!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a momentous day for My Hero Academia! Today marks the release of the show’s 100th episode!

One Piece Chapter 1016 Cover Page

The Heroes Are Coming in Clutch, People!

So, the Battle of Onigashima’s been filled with a lot of twists and turns. Despite being outnumbered 6 to 1, the Alliance has done well against the Yonko. In addition, despite attempts to break them, the Alliance remains as defiant as ever. And while Kaido and Big Mom believe Luffy to be dead, they have no idea that he’s getting ready for the next round. This week, though, sees two unlikely heroes help to turn the tide of the battle. This week, Zeus and Otama are coming in clutch!

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