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The Power of Luffy’s Miracles Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

One Piece Chapter 1015 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1015 Review/Recap

When we last left off in One Piece, things didn’t look so good for the Alliance. Kaido told everyone that he’d beaten Luffy and dropped his body into the sea. As a result, most of the Alliance began to lose heart. However, the Straw Hat Pirates knew better. No matter how many times he gets beaten into the ground, Luffy comes back for the next round. And when he does, he pulls off miracles. Now, the Alliance has to put its faith that another one of Luffy’s miracles will occur as they collectively spit in Kaido’s face.

One Piece Chapter 1015 Cover Page
Source-Mangasee, Viz Media, Shonen Jump


After hearing the announcement of Luffy’s defeat, most of the Alliance begins to lose heart. Even Chopper despairs and can’t keep fighting Queen. As Queen and Perospero prepare to finish off everyone at the Live Stage, help arrives. Sanji comes in clutch and saves everyone.

One Piece Chapter 1015-Sanji Wastes Queen
Source-Mangasee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

When Chopper tells him about Luffy, Sanji snaps him out of it. Reminding him of all the miracles Luffy’s pulled off before, Sanji takes on Queen while Chopper heals Zoro. As all of this goes on, Kaido continues to pursue Shinobu and Momo after stabbing Kin’emon once more. However, as they flee, Momo lets everyone on Onigashima know the truth. Luffy’s still alive, thanks to Law’s crew finding him, and he’s going to beat Kaido no matter what. Hearing all of this, the Alliance’s resolve gets renewed, and they continue to fight the Beast Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1015-Luffy's Miracles
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Mangasee

As for Kaido, he fails to kill Momonosuke and Shinobu as they escape. Instead, he’s confronted by his son, Yamato.

One Piece Chapter 1015-Father and Son
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Mangasee


It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Kaido and Big Mom’s defeat is only a matter of time now. They both think that Luffy’s done for the count, but they underestimate the sheer tenacity that Luffy has demonstrated countless times. Nothing short of death itself will stop him; and even then, I’m not sure that would hold him! He performs miracles wherever he goes, and the fact that the Yonko don’t get that means they’re going to lose. Though I question how he can communicate with Momo while drowning in the sea, I’ll chalk it up to a power of the Will of D.

One Piece Chapter 1015-Luffy "Speaks" to Momo
Source-Mangasee, Viz Media, Shonen Jump

There’s more than one reason to celebrate this chapter, though. Two chapters ago, we thought we saw Big Mom destroy her Homie, Zeus. However, through some miracle, Zeus is alive, and fused with Nami’s Clima-Tact. I hope that we’ll learn how this happened in the future, but for now, this just made Nami way stronger.

One Piece Chapter 1015-Clima-Tact Zeus
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Mangasee

It may not look like it at the moment, but the tide’s turned in the Alliance’s favor. However, the same can’t be said for Kin’emon. We saw him be stabbed once more by Kaido, and his odds of survival are not looking good. Even so, I hope that he lives to see the end of this fight. He has a wife to get back to.

We’re nearing the climax of the war for Wano, and I’m getting pumped with every chapter! Bring it on, Kaido!

I Give “Chained” a 4/5

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Luffy’s Miracles Never Ceases to Amaze Me! Leave a comment

  1. So we’re finally getting to Sanji vs Queen, huh? That’s good. And I hope that Zoro’s fight with King will be up next. Though Luffy vs Kaido is what we’re all awaiting.
    Zeus is now MERGED with her Clima-tact? Okay; I don’t know if that’ll make it anymore powerful than when he was a storm cloud, but that’s SOMETHING. Though I still want her to get a cloud to complete the reference.
    I contribute the Luffy telling Momo thing to the “Voice Of All Things.” He’s gotten WICKED proficient with the Observation Haki; maybe he knows how to make his “voice” heard by Momo.
    Yo………I HOPE Kin lives long enough to see his wife one last time. Just for at least a goodbye. But yeah; things SO VERY ARE NOT looking good for Kin.
    Whoever placed their bets on Kaido is about to lose!

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