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Homura’s Inner Fox Spirit Awakens! The Power of Overdrive!

Edens Zero Chapter 145-Homura's Overdrive Form

Edens Zero Chapter 145 Review/Recap

Super Saiyan, Tailed Beast Mode, Dragon Force, Second Gear, Overdrive. It seems like a prerequisite for a lot of Shonen manga to give the heroes some sort of super-powered form. Edens Zero established one some time ago in the form of Overdrive, and Shiki’s already attained it. However, this chapter of Edens Zero sees another hero reach that status. Amidst her fight against the first of the Ocean’s 6, Homura awakens Overdrive, and her inner fox spirit!

It makes sense in context.

Kleene is just so adorable! Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


With the only way out of the mirror world being to beat Milani of the Ocean’s 6, Homura as no choice but to fight. Easier said than done, though. Milani’s Ether Gear allows her to move inside mirrors and attack from them. Homura can only do so much to fight off her attacks at first. In addition, if Homura attacks her own reflection, she’ll get hurt in the process.

Edens Zero Chapter 145-Homura Falls Prey to Milani's Attack
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

However, Milani makes a big mistake in thinking that the pain will stop Homura. The Sword of Edens Zero‘s resolve proves far greater than any pain she experiences, letting her power through the attacks. As a result, she unlocks her own Overdrive and wastes Milani!

Edens Zero Chapter 145-Odin Strike!
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Elsewhere, Jinn arrives at the sight of that big explosion that Shiki was in the middle of. All he finds are the charred remains of the androids that kamikazed themselves, along with a mysterious figure lying unconscious.

Edens Zero Chapter 145-Is that Shiki?
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


Okay, first things first: I’m with Homura about Milani’s mirror powers. They’re already in a mirror world, and she can go into the mirrors in there? That’s a mind-screw if there ever was one. That said, I think that her power’s were very impressive. However, as Homura made clear, if one could predict her attacks and power through them, then it would be easy to beat her.

Edens Zero Chapter 145-Homura's Overdrive Form
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

On top of that, Homura’s got her own Overdrive form now! And it looks amazing!!! While I have some questions as to why it’s got a fox motif to it, I don’t really care. What matters is that she’s grown more powerful. And if the rest of the Ocean’s 6 are like Milani, then the heroes will need their A-Game to take them down.

As for Shiki, I’m not too worried about his safety. I have no doubt that he survived the explosion. But it looks like it may be a while before he’s ready to fight again. Again, I can wait. As long as we get to see the other heroes show off their new powers, I doubt fans will complain.

I Give “Homura vs. Milani” a 4/5

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  1. Milani’s Ether Gear- out of the 5 winners of the contest- was probably in the middle in terms of interest. And yeah: Mirror Shenanigans within a Mirror world? Why didn’t she just move to the outside world and attack from there? Is there a Mirror world within those Mirrors, too?
    But more to the main topic: HOMURA’S OVERDRIVE!!!! You know I was really hyped for it when I read the spoilers for the chapter. And reading it; I was still hype. Though I started to question when she got it. Because, while that was AMAZING- I feel like it didn’t quite “hit” like an initial awaking.
    Like; Shiki’s was HYPE. But that whole arc was HYPE @F. So it wouldn’t necessarily live up to that. But it also felt like this wasn’t her “initial awakening” to Overdrive- more like she’s done this before and is rather proficient with it. Could she have awakened it while training with Xenolith? Cause there’s NO WAY she’s had it this whole time.
    So you remember when Shiki and Homura met- how she said she wanted to fight the Demon King one day to measure her own strength? There’s kind of NO WAY this story ends before we get to see that. So I’m left wondering: Who Would Win, considering what we’ve seen of them thus far? We haven’t seen Demon King Shiki hit a limit to his Overdrive powers(though I suspect that that will change in the near future), and I highly doubt that Kitsune Homura was going all out on Milani. Man; I can’t wait to see them fight……..
    As for Shiki…………I can’t see him taking the explosion- I don’t think he was in the middle of it. Now I won’t say that he DIDN’T take any of that- I think he did take some damage. But I don’t think he was in there. Which just begs the question: Who is that in the fire? I’m honestly stumped for this one………
    I heard the theory that “Dark Gravity” is this series interpretation of “Anti Gravity,” and that Shiki somehow used Dark Gravity to get out of there. How likely do you think that is?

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