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Bakugo Goes Full Savage on the Enemy Chumps!

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 9 Title Card

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 9 Review

From the moment he was introduced to us, I thought that Katsuki Bakugo is the second coming of Vegeta. He’s loud, aggressive, quick to anger, and doesn’t take anyone’s crap. In addition, he’s also smart, knows how to use his skills to the best of their ability, and desires nothing less than total victory. In other words, Bakugo is a total Vegeta. Some may say that’s a bad thing due to their mutual pride, but as this episode shows, Bakugo’s already learning the lesson that took years for Vegeta to learn: teamwork.

Bakugo is still a Leeroy Jenkins, though.

Bakugo Owns the Other Team

Source-Hulu, Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Funimation

This week, we saw one side come up with a carefully laid out plan meant to take care of Bakugo. And what does Bakugo do about it? He completely bulldozes his way through the other team in five minutes flat.

Source-Hulu, Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Funimation

Even if we didn’t read the manga, everyone knew the outcome to this match. Bakugo would win an overwhelming victory. However, it’s how he does it this time that’s noteworthy. In the past, he’d have ignored his teammates and just hit them with everything he had. He still does that, but this time, he makes sure that his classmates are on board with his plan. In addition, he makes sure to protect them when they’re in trouble. Thanks to this newfound teamwork, the match wasn’t really a match to begin with. Not bad, Bakugo!

Next week comes the moment we’ve been waiting for. Midoriya takes to the field in match 5! And those who read the manga know what’s going to happen next. GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!

Source-Hulu, Funimation, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

I Give “Early Bird” a 3.9/5. Short and Simple

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  1. Looking back, I liked that he gave off the impression that he hasnt changed. His plan was straightforward, but he waited till they were alone. I like how the rest of his team had sometime to shine. After the tie, it seemed like Class B had better teamwork. Nice to see Class A dominate in record time 😀

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