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Finn & Jake Are Together Again, Because You Can’t Stop A Great Bromance

Adventure Time: Distant Lands Together Again

Adventure Time: Distant Lands-Together Again Review

There’s just something so good about getting back to basics in a story, isn’t there? At the start, Adventure Time was the show about Finn & Jake, two bros duking it up in a post-apocalyptic Earth. It was a simple premise! However, then it became this vast high-fantasy world where everyone could potentially be a great story to tell. As a result, Adventure Time became one of the best cartoons of all time! Ironically, this led it to focus less on the duo that we started with. Yet the third Distant Lands special changes all of that by putting the focus firmly on this beautiful bromance. Finn and Jake are together again, because not even the forces of life and death themselves can stop a bromance this good.

Together Again No Matter What

Adventure Time: Distant Lands Together Again-Finn and Jake are Bros No Matter What
Source-HBO Max, Cartoon Network

When I first saw the preview for “Together Again”, I was very confused. Seeing Finn & Jake fight the Ice King (who shouldn’t even be the Ice King anymore) made me wonder if this was a clip from an early episode that I never saw or forgot. However, that proves to be an elaborate cover to set us up for the real plot of the special. While I won’t tell you guys what happens, let’s just say that Cartoon Network wasn’t lying when they said this would be Finn & Jake’s biggest adventure ever.

Amidst all the world-building and high fantasy concepts, Adventure Time has always been a show about two bros going through the greatest adventure of all: life. And sometimes, life can see people who were once close take separate paths. While Finn went through some serious maturing during the show’s run, he always remained the guy who wanted to help everyone. Meanwhile, Jake became more in touch with his inner zen, got kids (and grandkids), and found out that he was part alien. “Together Again” reflects on this notion of people taking different paths as we see Finn using all his willpower to bring the two, well, together again. Yet before the credits roll, Finn comes to the epiphany that I just mentioned. Sometimes, you can’t help it if you and the people you care about take different paths. That doesn’t make them any less significant to each other.

Bros for Eternity

Adventure Time: Distant Lands Together Again-Finn and Jake are Bros for Eternity
Source-HBO Max, Cartoon Network

I know that it may be back tracking, but while Finn has his big “ah-ha!” moment, so does Jake. However, in Jake’s case, he realizes that, even with all the changes in life, some things are worth trying to keep around. In this case, it’s his and Finn’s bromance.

Like I said, it feels like back tracking or defeating the moral of the story, but it’s not. When it’s time for the two to go their separate ways, Jake decides to come along with him. Not because he has to, but simply because he enjoys being with Finn. Because for all the reasons they may be different, Finn & Jake work best when they’re together.

Ultimately, while it may not be the big finale to Distant Lands, “Together Again” can ultimately be considered the end to the mini-series, as well as Adventure Time as a whole. At least, for now, anyway. Something tells me that no matter form they’re in, we’ll see Finn & Jake again one day. Because a good bromance is one that not even death can keep apart.

I Give Distant Lands- Together Again a 5/5

Bonus points for one final appearance by Tree Trunks, whose voice actress passed away earlier this year.

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