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Shura Doesn’t Take Rejection Well In New Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 143 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 143 Review/Recap

If you’ve followed Edens Zero for a long time, then you know that A big thing about Shiki is that he likes making friends. He wants to make as many friends as he can. But the end of the last chapter saw Shura offer to be his friend! And given how Shura’s a sucker for that line, we had every right to be worried. Fortunately, Shiki proves that he’s smart enough to know that a friendship with Shura is a bad one. Too bad Shura doesn’t take rejection well!

Edens Zero Chapter 143 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Picking up where we left off, Shura reaffirms his offer of being friends with Shiki; that, and to beat Ziggy. However, Shiki wants him to promise to call off his plans to destroy all the machines. In response, Shura tries to talk him over to his side, saying if they were friends, he’d understand his decision. Seeing Shura’s toxic views on friendship for what they are, Shiki refuses.

Edens Zero Chapter 143-Shiki Refuses Shura’s Friendship
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Shura does not take rejection well. At all. In response to Shiki’s decision, Shura lets loose an army of battle droids on him, forcing Shiki to fight them all by himself.

Edens Zero Chapter 143-Shiki Fights Shura’s Battle Droids
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

In the meantime, Shura decides to have some “fun” and see how Shiki likes it when he destroys his friends. As a result, he attacks the Edens Zero and the Shining Stars, who can’t even requip due to his gravity Ether!

Down below, the assault team continues to make its way to the All-Link. However, they’re not alone. Amidst a hallway of mirrors, Homura peers inside of one…and suddenly goes berserk! The culprit being none other than one of the Ocean 6.

Edens Zero Chapter 143-Homura Under the Control of One of the Ocean 6
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Well, at least now we know that Shura’s offer to befriend Shiki wasn’t a bluff. Or at least he planned to be friends with him long enough to take down Ziggy. And, since Shura’s possibly a sociopath, he doesn’t take rejection well. As a result, he retaliates against Shiki’s refusal by threatening his ship and the Shining Stars. Between them, Laguna, and the Wind Siblings, they might be able to hold him off. For a while, at least. Shiki’s the only one who can take him down, though.

It may be a while before we return to the fight of Shiki and Shura, though. The assault team’s made contact with the first of the Ocean 6, and she has the power to make someone act evil. It’s like a Stand from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! I actually like it; very creative idea, Mashima. I just hope that this doesn’t end like it did the first time with the Belial Gore and we have to reset everything. That would be very emotionally draining!

I Give “You Didn’t Do Anything to Deserve This!” A 3.9/5. Loved Shiki’s Development

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  1. Not who I would have expected them to go up against first, that Melani. But I guess this works. And hey; maybe it’s like Nirvana in “Fairy Tail-” she turns good people bad and bad people good. She may accidentally turn one of the Oceans to the Good guys side.
    As for what the Shining Stars plan to do about Shura- I think they’re in a little bit of trouble right now. Not only is Shura a sociopathic psycho, but he’s also rather……..”handsy” I’ll say. SO…….I’m not going to say THAT, but……..I feel like he’s getting ready to do some rather sick sh!t to them before Shiki comes in and lays the smackdown on his b!tch@$$.
    I wonder when Ziggy’s gonna swoop in and take the All Link for himself?

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